What a blast. You’ll want to use fluid acrylics, which have a much thinner consistency than heavy body acrylics. Acrylic Pouring Supplies For the Typical Beginner. Where the silicone is remaining it will look slightly shiny. Quick question…if you buy the Liquitex ‘high flow’ paints, do you still need to add a pouring medium or Floetrol? We’ve sorted all our recommendations by category below. I love your articles and videos! Below you can add all our recommended items to your Amazon cart with just one click. A good alternative to silicone oils, this hair serum contains dimethicone, a skin-friendly form of silicone oil, and works great to make cells in your painting. Show: View Options. They are so fun and helpful. Learn how to mix your paints to the right consistency, get specific tutorials for each of the five basic pouring techniques, and receive a multi-lesson guide to finishing your paintings and troubleshooting common issues. Right on! Jul 29, 2019 - acrylic pouring, fluid art, pour art tutorials from you tube. It simply makes paint better to work with! This LiBa torch is a great deal. Acrylic Paint Pouring Art Supplies 148 pc. So unless you are using non-toxic paint and non-toxin glue as a pouring medium, I highly recommend you to wear gloves. Acrylic Pouring is a fascinating fluid painting technique. Buy her book “guide for the beginners in acrylic pouring” where she is answering to every question. Art Supplies Australia is based at 11/12 Cecil Road Hornsby NSW 2077. Check out what we found in our guide: The Best Silicone Oils and Additives to Make Cells. Having some containers with tight lids is also very handy – you can preserve any extra paint you’ve mixed for the next pour. Fluid pouring is perfect for artists of all skill levels and will bring you unique results every time. Join us to connect with fellow pourers, get beginners tips, giveaways and more. (Also check out Should I Gesso My Canvas or Surface Before Painting?). Acrylic pouring is a technique which involves pre mixing fluid acrylics or acrylic ink with a pouring medium and then pouring it over a panel or canvas to create gorgeous abstract patterns, controlled squiggles or landscapes. Hi Sarah! ), then adding a few drops of this 100 percent silicone oil to your paints will do the trick. The most popular surfaces for pouring are canvas and wooden panel. Jaye. You are also welcome to ask this question in our Facebook group and see maybe some of our members know how to fix this. Also, the torch is a must have if you are adding silicone to your paint (read below). Another important factor, which is not even a con, in that it’s important to dedicate a working space to this type of art because it can get quite messy. You’ll find a lot of recipes out there that include silicone or other lubricants. Stencil for Acrylic Pouring with Gel Medium, Acrylic Painting Beginners – 5 Keys to Successful Start, Painting Brush – Types, Uses, and Anatomy, •Color Theory for Acrylic Pouring – Must-Knows for Beginners, Acrylic Pouring Drip Container DIY Project, Acrylic Pour Painting – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know, Acrylic Pouring Medium – TOP Brands in 2020, How To Finish the BACK of the Canvas for Acrylic Pour Painting (2020), https://www.facebook.com/groups/smartartmaterials/. So, I’ve got nothing. They’ve been able to let go of control and live more in the moment—both while creating art, and in other parts of their lives, too. This guide goes through the supplies needed for acrylic pouring, we have a few other guides that cover acrylic pouring techniques, acrylic pouring medium, acrylic pouring tutorial, and beginner acrylic pouring tips, so check them out too! Now we need something to pour on . Want more? It inspires me to create even more! And you can truly create some amazing cells effects, directing the heat of the torch to a spot where you need it. I’m so excited for you to begin this technique, I know that getting all the supplies at the beginning is pricey, but I promise it worth it! To really deep-dive into techniques and get all the benefits this art form has to offer, you’ll want to follow along with the video course. The art resin as a finish is quite expensive here, so my question is, is it alright for now if it’s not used? Acrylic Paint and Mediums. But in the future, I’d recommend you to look for other option for finish Check out this video with a step-by-step flower creation. Olga. I am at the moment reading all about Acrylic Pouring and want to start doing it myself. 99 Spatula, painting knife, paper towels: this is something you would need for a “swipe” technique as well as for easy base layer application. Hi Colleen! And, the finished artwork is already framed. How does someone come up with this stuff? You can grab all the supplies we’ve marked as “essential” below, then add extras from our “expansion” picks as you want to or can afford it. Two questions: how long does the paint dry or cure? I just did 2 paintings that came out beautiful! I applied 3 coats drying in between, applied in different directions. This bottle will last you a very long time. Try any of your stores that sell house paint. works great to make cells in your painting. I know B & W are heavier, should less be use in laying cup? It’s free to upload. (Ha!). In this section you will find everything you need to create a pour painting, including pouring … Second – most pouring mediums are very sticky and hard to clean. Buy It Now. Do you ever use a laquer or varnish to complete your pours in order to protect the finished work , and if so , what do u use ? Also, I highly recommend you to you check out Smart Art Materials Amazon Storefront for our favorite acrylic pouring supplies, brands, tools and ideas! Other key things, such as drying racks, cups, sticks, and other utensils, make the whole process easier and neater. Aside from canvases and panels, you can try pouring on tiles, box lids, picture frames, and even 3D objects like vases and Christmas ornaments, etc. I’m still using my cheaper acrylics right now as I learn this new art but I still do use a pouting medium. I think torch works a little better if you work with resin, but for acrylic pouring, there is not much difference. Art Supplies | Painting Supplies | Acrylic Painting Acrylic Painting. Am I supposed to prep the tile before pouring? That is great! The advantage is: you don’t have to worry about the paint or the resin running off of the canvas. Minimize the Waste Involved in Acrylic Pouring – 11 Best Practices. Stencil for Acrylic Pouring … Most people making jewelry will pour or swipe the paint onto a non-stick surface or onto Yupo paper. Julia. I cannot get many to no cells what am I doing wrong. The best way to store the painting is on the wall, of course And if you like to move them around a lot it’s a good idea to use stick-on hooks so no need to damage walls. After that, if the surface is still not smooth enough, you can cover it with few layers of gesso. plus varnish creates uniform gloss, matte, or satin finish, that definitely enhances the artwork. However, when you click on your link, it goes to a storage rack, but it’s a slanted one, so the bottom edge of painting would be touching rack. Acrylic Pouring staff is made up of aritists and writers from around the world. Confused about torching or just a bit intimidated? So: Floetrol and paint 50/50 Elmer’s glue is not mandatory (but, for now, I ‘m using it against cracks) Silicone 6 drops plus 2 drops. . You might be surprised to see gloves on this list, but they are quite essential. Acrylic Pouring Supplies; Pouring Supplies. Oops, sorry, I meant the Golden high flow paints! Hi Olga.. You’ll still be able to review your cart and remove and replace items to your heart’s content. Thank you! one spoon of Floetrol with one drop of Elmer’s glue. Not big on cells so I don’t use silicone, if it happy great. I hadn’t ever thought of that before. Now to the pros and cons. Acrylic Pouring Supplies; Pouring Supplies. – varnish like Liquitex requires the brush but leaves very little to no marks, depending on your skills. Filter By. We have several in South Africa who may be able to advise you. Very informative! Fluid Art Supplies Fluid Art, which is also known as flow art, liquid art or acrylic paint pouring is an abstract painting technique that involves the use of fluid art mediums, such as free flowing acrylic, or … 1. wring mixture – can you give me your details on your pouring medium and also the ratio? Hi Olga, I am new to your work but so far I love what I see! Pouring Medium (PM) is essential for most pouring technique. You need to support the underside or consider a solid surface to pour onto. I’m sure you’ve seen different artists using different materials, and it can get quite confusing. Clean & Prep Supplies. You will probably want to mix a little more than suggested to allow for the overspill, but it should give you a starting point. $14.99. Amanda, Bunnings sells 4 litres of Floetrol for $55. The content on this page is copyright protected. 1. Art Supplies | Painting Supplies | Acrylic Painting Acrylic Painting. Arteza 8″x10″ Stretched White Blank Canvas, Bulk (Pack of 12). When using paint, mix approximately one tablespoon of paint or ink to one cup of Liquitex Pouring Medium. I love pretty much everything about it. It’s no wonder so many utilize your site – I sure love it! Thank you for all the information and resources… I don’t ever want to not be creative again. For specific supplies you want more info about then click on the right section in the table of contents below. These are our tried-and-tested standbys in each category, recommended from one passionate pourer to another. I always varnish all of my paintings and pours. There’s no need to be scared of the torch; it’s easy to use and you won’t set your painting on fire! Can the dirty cups be easily washed? Resin is just one of the options for how to protect your painting, in place of a varnish. Thanks your videos are amazing. Then it’s time for some shopping! Great! Free Store Pickup. After the testing and a great conversation with the guys at Flood regarding the science behind floetrol, I found it to be a … $46.99 $ 46. It is also a bonus if you are planning to use resin as a finish. Ready To Pour! Fluid Acrylic Pouring is an addictively easy and fun way to create abstract art. Confused? Have you had the same problem? This is the LINK HERE, although you need to be a group member to read the document. I know you have limited access to supplies, as do some other people searching for specific brands. With the accompanying list of provisions for your begin the Acrylic Pouring strategy you will get an idea of the required and… 3.1 Distilled Water; 3.2 Silicone or hair oil; 3.3 Painting knife / spatula; 3.4 Hairdryer or Torch; 3.5 Glitter powder; 3.6 Squeeze bottles for mixed colours and liquids; … Thanks so much for all your help! I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Thanks so much – please keep posting. I’ve been trying some pouring have used liquitex pouring liquid the glazing compound pvc glue and water . In one test the Floetrol created more, smaller cells while the Liquitex created bigger, softer cells. Acrylic Paints, Floetrol, Silicone Oil, Palette Knife (optional), Plastic Cups, Hair Dryer (optional), Canvas (not pictured), Disposable Gloves (not pictured) To do an acrylic pour… Acrylic Paint and Mediums. I couldn’t know more about acrylic paintings without her help. What would you like me to talk about that is not on this list? Beginners Acrylic Pouring Video Course If you learn best by watching something in action, our video course is the perfect companion to the e-book. Next, get durable plastic or silicone cups and silicone mini-bowls rather than one-time-use plastic, and you would be able to peel the dry paint off and reuse. Thanks, it’s absolutely beautiful! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Click here to check out our favorite supplies and materials for acrylic pouring. Air Bubbles elimination. Acrylic Pouring is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Endless.com, MYHABIT.com, SmallParts.com, or AmazonWireless.com. Below, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite mediums, paints, canvases, and more. Paint & Painting Supplies / Paint Pouring; Paint Pouring. It seems to remain sticky though even after weeks of drying. Do the same thing with all the paints needed to be used in separate glasses. Acrylic Pouring. Hi Karen, Depending on the frame structure, you can use the back of framed canvases to do acrylic pours and resin coat them if you are willing to apply 2 coats of gesso before you start to the back of the canvas. Hope that helps. Click for Price, 1 Quart Hardware store staple Floetrol is traditionally sold as paint extender for home improvement projects, but it’s become popular in the world of acrylic pouring, too. Plus it’s much cheaper if you count per ounce. With our learning materials, you’ll be able to master everything you need to know. Also, I’d recommend you to sand outdoors or in the good ventilated area just to avoid the dust build up. I think it stopped being sticky in a week or two. Hi Sabrina, that sucks that you had such experience with this paint! Here you have described some great materials and good technique on the subject. Ouch! Make sure to get plenty of black and white, because you’ll likely use those two the most. Hey Olga – Your site is one I keep coming back to again and again. Nicpro Acrylic Pouring Kit, Artist Starter Supplies Including 19 Colors Acrylic Paints,Pouring Medium, Silicone Oil, Canvases, Gloves, Strainers, Brushes, Mixing Stick for Flow DIY Painting 4.7 out of 5 stars … Acrylic Pouring Medium – Most Popular Brands, Acrylic Paint Pouring Supplies – Complete Guide 2020. Paint for Acrylic Pouring; Acrylic Pouring Medium; Acrylic Pouring Supplies Canada; Varnish Pour Painting; Finishing the BACK of the Canvas; Acrylic Pouring Drip Container; Acrylic Painting. I still recommend you to get so sort of finish for those artworks that you are planning to hang on the wall, and there are some cheap yet nice options like this Krylon Spray Varnish. High-quality mediums simply make paints flow more freely, which makes for better pours! Is this even realistic? You can get cells without silicone especially if you are using Floetrol in your mixture, or from certain techniques that are based on different paint density. love your demonstrations! Sale Neon Acrylic … Your email address will not be published. Another oil-based additive is Coconut Milk hair serum – it contains dimethicone which is a cosmetology-grade form of silicone. This is a durable NON-Stick and NON-stain mat, which makes the cleaning super easy – you just peel any drips right off! I have everything liquitex, floetrol and paints. There are different reasons for cracking. I’m absolutely happy to read your kind feedback, I’m so glad that you are coming back to my website again and again! Am I moving paint around to much? To avoid it, you need to improve one of or maybe all three of this factors. Also, do you always put the pouring medium in your mixing container before you add the paint/color or does the order matter? Same applies to canvases and paints (especially black and white colors)! where is the best place to buy all the supplies i need to pour. https://smartartmaterials.com/acrylic-paint-mediums-types-and-differences-explanation/. Another recommendation is an absolutely FANTASTIC Silicone Craft Mat by Loli Vefe that I recently got for my work area. We render fast reliable, low-cost shipping or warehouse pick ups 42 results | 42 results 42 Results. Let me know if you would have more questions about art supplies needed, I would be happy to help! . It doesn’t really matter which one you start with, but grab one so you can get your pour on! Make sure that you have a good ventilation in your working environment. You could spend more money, but there’s need to. I would love to do some pouring, but on very small scale. So which medium you choose might depend on what result you’re looking for. I have a question about applying the seal coat to my poured paintings. 18oz Acrylic Pour Cup, 2 Channels Paint Pouring Split Cup, Fluid Pour Supplies… Acrylic pouring is … A good consistency for acrylic pouring is something just slightly thicker than liquid coffee creamer… Gathering the right acrylic painting art supplies is the first step in learning how to paint with acrylics. What a fabulously informative article. Also, I have some blank greeting cards made out of heavy water color paper that I have painted on over the years.. Could I do a small poor on it after a good base coat? You can “break” the boring top layer of the paint to help the bottom layer pop up creating beautiful cells. Beginner Kit, Floetrol Pouring Med... $106.86. Take a deep-dive into pouring mediums with our handy guide:Acrylic Pouring Medium Guide: What Is It, Why You Need One, and Which Are Best. See more ideas about Acrylic pouring, Acrylic… On Sale (27) ... Acrylic Paint Pots - 19 Piece Set price $13.99 Quick view Basics Acrylic Paint ... Professional Pouring Medium 3 stars (2) price $16.99 Quick view. Buy It Now. Especially if you are using Floetrol as a pouring medium (but this can apply to any medium), and especially if you are pouring a lot in a single session and heating it with the torch. You will get cells right the way. I’m really struggling with paint consistency for pouring, I have wasted soooo much paint, supplies & time on failed tried, not to mention frustration! So sorry I didn’t get back to you right away! Art Supplies / Paint & Painting Supplies / Paint Pouring; Paint Pouring. I just place the pours on rods so that they don’t touch the surface of a shelf. Added GAC 800. 29 results | 29 results 29 Results. Read this Ultimate Guide for step by step tutorials and supplies list. You can certainly get a decent amount of cells just using a pouring medium, but silicone is the way the masters do it! Acrylic Pouring allowed me to express my feelings, release my anger and distract my mind. Acrylic Pouring Supplies Best Paint for Acrylic Pouring. Cheers, Amanda. Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU Quickview. I’m using mog podge for sealing my paintings. Sort by: Decoart Dazzling Metallics Jewel Tone Pouring Kit . I’m really looking forward to giving acrylic pouring a go. Are you on Facebook? Also, you can again use a bookshelf and store them vertically, but always put something in between, like parchment paper. For the first time, after several years of having a broken heart, I was able to heal and see beauty in the world around me because of my art creations. Fluid art is a such a rewarding form of abstract art that produces beautiful and unique results – no two pieces are ever the same! We recommend starting with larger bottles of the more economical paints in basic colors. The main components for the Acrylic Pouring are, besides the acrylic paint and a Pouring Medium, of course a painting ground. Sorry for long……story! Allazone 37 PCS Acrylic Pouring Art Supplies Kit Acrylic Pouring Strainers Set, 6 PCS Plastic Silicone Paint Pouring Strainers Painting Tools Kits with Paintbrush, Collapsible Funnel for DIY Paint. Graaaacias, súper información. What is the best paint for pouring technique?Each artist has it’s own prefferences, but it’s best to use a soft body/fluid (low viscosity) paint or medium body paint. 1. Good luck…it is so fun! Ask for her advice. Acrylic paint. We recommend preparing your canvases and other surfaces with gesso before you paint. Beautiful gloss and color but the brush strokes are bothering me. Free shipping. It becomes a muddled mess with no definition. Pouring is a great way to smooth out unwanted texture, get marbleized effects, rich colored glazes and add some fun to your painting process Don’t underestimate how much you are going to get hooked on acrylic pouring! A ratio of 2 parts pouring medium to one part acrylic and one part isopropyl alcohol will give great results. I have been told that when using the silicone oil I will have to clean it off the canvas with flour or something similar. What is essential and what is optional? If you have questions, we have answers! Winsor & Newton Winton Oil 37ml; Winsor & Newton Winton Oil 200ml; Winsor & Newton Artist Oil 37ml; Winsor & Newton Aritst Oil 200ml; W+N Artisan Watermixable Oil37ml Hi Amanda I’m new to acrylic pouring and have used dimethicone to try to create cells, still working on getting the ratios right. When mixing the paints I can use both. Shop for supplies for acrylic pour painting and mediums. I made a beautiful peive the other night and now it has dried with lots of little cracks. It says they are heavy paints, They will stay under the other paints or some thing like this. Oct 19, 2020 - Want to know what materials you need to get started as an Acrylic Pouring artist? and mix it, but not too much, only about 5 times. Muy valiosa. Are you using any of the silicone oil products? ???? It’s the only resin out of all I researched that is nontoxic, food safe (so yes, you’ll be able to put a food on it) and even dishwasher safe. Ha, ha, ha! Can you use a hairdryer instead of a blow torch to get the cells to appear? In that case I suggest trying the Art Resin calculator as a guide for how much paint you might need for any surface size. When the gesso is completely dry (1-2 weeks) your panels are ready for their second creative life. Golden recommend using teh GAC800 with their high flow at a ratio of 20 parts medium to 1 part paint. I could ask a 1000 questions ( but i wont lol )as i have never done anything like this b4 , but am deffo gunna give it a go cuz i need some artwork in my House too break up th blandness ! Straw: it’s awesome for wavy effects and especially for FLOWERS! do i wait until the paint dries? Also, the surface has to be sturdy (so, for example, canvas panel wouldn’t work, as a paper panel in it will warp during the drying). It goes without saying that paints are the most important thing to have on hand when you’re creating pours! Again, your medium won’t change the visual characteristics like water would. We recommend that you prep the tiles. Filter By: Shop By. Most had issues because my paint was too thick, and then there are the drippy, uneven, ‘raggedy’ sides. Veré aquí en Argentina de comprar estás pinturas. You should buy the best quality you can afford. I’ve seen a few people try, but its often not that successful. Use wet wipes on the canvas wiping over it. Many thanks. Still, canvases are the go-to for most of us, especially at the beginning. It’s worked for me. 4. Acrylic Pouring. love your ideas, be blessed. I have tried 3 different silicones with my acrylic paints and heated them with a torch, and none of them produces cells! Use it to create beautiful cells in your pour … If you would get all the right pouring supplies … Shop Now. Clean & Prep Supplies. PS: “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” . The downside or resin art is the cost of resin. Also, using artist loft white with medium to cover canvas. So I highly recommend you to always read Safety Data Sheets of all the products you work with and keep the air clean. I have also checked your YouTube about mediums! I hope this helps! Magicfly 16 Colours /60ml Acrylic Pouring Paint, Pre-Mixed High Flow Liquid Acrylic Paints for Canvas, Wood, Stone, Acrylic Pouring Set for Artwork, DIY Projects… 4.6 out of 5 stars 206 £20.99 £ 20 . Can I reuse the plastic cups used to mix paint, floetrol and silicone in? But not for a month due to health issues. Acrylic Pouring for Beginners (Start Here), How to do Your First Acrylic Pour – Step By Step Guide, Supplies You Need to Get Started With Acrylic Pouring for Beginners, Essential Acrylic Pouring Supplies for Beginners (By Category). I’ve placed them on empty ribbon spools, but it’s really not the best. NOTE: make sure to wear protection when sanding anything (not only pours), most basic respirators will work. Color close x; Red:10 ... decoart® fluid art™ ready-to-pour acrylic paint $5.99 Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU 13 Colors. Well you’re in the right place! Impresa Products 100% Silicone Treadmill Lubricant. I usually use Mod Podge sealer for all of my projects, but never had a problem before with thick brush strokes. Can I order Stone coat, base coat in white and yellow ..or Satin enamil base coat in same color, And then some metal rods, two on each shelve. should i even use resin. It’s recommended to use pure 100% silicone rather than the one in a spray. Paint (obviously), and a lot of it! ... ready-mixed acrylic pouring paint set by artist's loft™ $24.99 $4.17 ea. Shop online or directly at our warehouse for quality art materials at warehouse price. Down below, I’ll give you all my best recommendation and tips so you can make a confident choice knowing exactly what you need. You may ask Deby about it. View Details Acrylic Flow Control Medium from $ 25.00 View Options. Worth noting when selecting your colours is the opacity or transparency of the colours you choose, since they will result in … You could probably create 20 or more paintings in your first week! I hope to have something to share with you soon. I would love to see it! Acrylic Pouring Art. Free shipping. This is very similar to the one I have. And you can learn more about acrylic mediums here: I also recommend having an air purifier running on the side. Is this correct? So if you ever have a problem with that, check out this video –  Restore SAGGY CANVAS  – 3 Easy Methods. Pre-Mixed, Ready-to-Pour Paints for Fluid Art & Acrylic Pouring. Have you watched some hypnotizing pouring videos on YouTube and now also want to do this magic? I hope I haven’t missed it elsewhere on your site (I apologize if I have) – how do you clean a 1.5″ wood panel to reuse it? I’m new to acrylic pouring, but already love it! Thanks for the information. You can even use DISH SOAP for cells, and in this video – Acrylic Pouring with Dish Soap – 3 MUST SEE Ways To Create Cells – you can find 3 ways of how to do it. I understand that the epoxy resin would give that glossy protective finish, but does the painting get really ruined over time? For the drops – good question! Hi Chuck, that should work. ... Cork Art Supplies Ltd 26-28 Princes Street Cork Ireland orders@corkartsupplies.com T: +353 21 4277488. Most acrylic paints will do the trick but we recommend a light body acrylic such as Matisse Flow Formula Acrylic Paints as it is easier to mix with the pouring medium. I tryed to do my own way and I got cells. Pre-Mixed, Ready-to-Pour Paints for Fluid Art & Acrylic Pouring. Thank you!! Which acrylic pouring medium to choose? I think it took nine panels before I got anything I was happy with – and those 16″x20″ birch panels are costly! Seriously. Having covered a cheeseboard, do I need to use resin on top! The main disadvantage of the acrylic pouring is that it’s super addicting! Thanks, Olga! Acrylic Painting Supplies. Haha, this is a very good question how did someone come up with it. It is an additive that eliminates brush marks and improves leveling. Filter Results 29 Results. I tried to make as leveled as possible and placed some plastic on each shelve. You are never going to believe the results you can get with it – check out this video series with chameleon cells. Generally, there are a few techniques, like Dutch Pour, that work just fine with just paint and water. I have started some pouring, yes very addictive! best protective finishes to seal your paintings. I have most of the supplies but I was wondering if you think using a heat gun instead of a torch would work the same? 62 products. Hi Suzanne! I would contact the company and ask if the layer can be sanded, and then would apply a different finish, preferably one that doesn’t require brush at all. First of all, for safety reasons. Happy painting , Amanda, Bunnings at Balgowlah sell Floetrol. Love your site. With these paints, you’ll be able to achieve nice and smooth fluid consistency (when mixed with pouring medium and/or water) without lumps and excessive stirring. Water only if it’s needed. This is a really cool article ! There is a variety of small and handy torches that are called culinary, chefs, craft, micro etc. The Acrylic Pouring technique allows artists to apply colour in puddles, pools and marble-like patterns. Alright, my creative friends, let’s get started! Hi John! Ends up with almost nothing left of the price. Another advantage is that this type of art is very creative and intuitive. HI Deby. If you only have thicker acrylics on hand, you can still use them, but you'll want to thin them out with water.
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