Lieutenant Colonel Doe, by extraordinary leadership, integrity and personal skills, enhanced the readiness and mission capability of numerous units throughout the Army, Army Reserve, and the National Guard. Medal (OV) 1. Lieutenant Colonel Doe concurrently led the brigade staff through the yearlong Command Post of the Future fielding, and validation through a full brigade wide simulations exercise. United States Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti Papers The decoration is issued to members of the eight uniformed services of the United States as well as to military and political figures of foreign governments.. HELP! University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History. 1SG Matthews was chosen over all the Master Sergeants within Matthews was deployed as the Afghanistan national Army medical NCO Mentor. Photographs and documents drawn from a larger tangible collection of the personal and military papers of U.S. Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti. In this role he also served as the state Mission Assignment Coordinator, representing the National Guard at the state Emergency Operations Center during state emergencies where he was the key advisor for military assets. Here are some suggestions for what to do next. An excellent example is illustrated by the efforts of the late Air Force colonel John R. Boyd. While supporting Headquarters EUCOM, Stuttgart Germany 12 March 1 April 2017, MSG Cameron assisted in the preparation and execution as the EUCOM J5 bi-annual workshop with Israeli Defense Soldiers. As a member of the State of New Hampshire Cyber Advisory Committee, LTC Cruise participated in Fervent Darkness, the US NORTHCOM cyber disruption exercise, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regional cyber disruption exercises. In his second service period he deployed in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM twice. His operations planning, specifically on personnel recovery operations, resulted in the team leader receiving a Joint Service Commendation Medal. He led the 84-bed deployable hospital overseeing the training, readiness, With Coast Guard concurrence, associated ribbon, medal, and certificate creation was completed in 2006. The Legion of Merit, also known as LOM is a military award that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of one’s duty. MSG Cameron was accountable for all professional development for the enlisted Soldiers, and ensured the Senior NCOs employed proper leadership and supervisory techniques. MSG Cameron was an essential asset to the execution of the event, oversaw and ran the security checkpoint for the area along with random checks of the building. weapons company where he ensured a 100 percent qualification rate on multiple American weapon systems and provided over 120 His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of the military and reflect great credit upon himself, the 76th Division and the United States Army. Purpose . As the State Movement Control Officer for the New Hampshire National Guard from October 2011 to April 2013, Lieutenant Colonel Doe and his team re-established proper movement control procedures, timely convoy request approval, and SOPs which resulted in a first time GO for the state command logistics review team inspection. REFERENCE: AR 600-8-22, Chapter 3. Throughout her 28 years of service, Major Doe has distinguished herself by exceptional duty performance in positions of escalating importance and responsibility. MEDAL DESCRIPTION. Descriptive information to help identify this text. The citation states that Lt. Col. Barsanti was solely responsible for setting up an entire administrative organization in Korea, unassisted except for the local personnel. Legion of Merit and the Stolen Valor Act. Purpose. 2. and health and welfare of over 190 soldiers and their family members. Most importantly, his training plan set the conditions for the 864th Engineer Battalion to construct a new Forward Operating Base and establish a security ring in Kandahar City, Afghanistan. Contact     Disclaimer. retirement award examples examples of citations for all awards combat action legion of merit narrative example description of legion of merit narrative example apr 20 2020 by sidney sheldon read legion of merit narrative example narrative for legion of merit sergeant first class hazael d hernandez for. for award of the Legion of Merit (LM) and lesser awards for service, achievement, or retirement within HQDA, its FOAs, and SSAs as authorized by AR 600–8–22 (see peacetime award approval authority). Posted October 11th, 2020. Sergeant First Class C. Thomas Howell has distinguished himself by providing exemplary leadership and meritorious service in challenging positions of great importance and responsibility. A true patriot, initially retiring in 1992 after supporting strategic counter-insurgency, combat and nation building operations in the Special Operation community, Major BLANK returned to service after a 13 year break in service to support the Global War on Terror. It is a sterling medal. He developed DMZ policies and integrated NH State network applications. He has made a positive impact on the lives of countless Soldiers, Families and Civilians Lieutena… The medal is awarded to members of the United Nations Armed Forces for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the United States. In 2008, as the Operations NCO for the 1st Battalion, 304th Regiment, 4th Brigade, MSG Cameron oversaw training directives, yearly training programs, and operations orders for the Battalion. If you got 'em, they can be shared by using the form below. Lieutenant Colonel BLANK synchronized the efforts of 8 Companies, ensuring the refit of thousands of pieces of equipment over a three month period. Lieutenant Colonel John Doe distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of positions of great importance and responsibility to the United States Army and the Nation. Serving as the Executive Officer then S3 while on Full Time National Guard Duty - Operations Support for the 197th Fires Brigade from November 2008 to May 2010, Lieutenant Colonel Doe was the project manager for the training and mobilization of 2400 Soldiers across four states, deploying to Kuwait. Lieutenant Colonel Padden performed this task, at a critical time in Iraq's evolving history. Sergeant First Class WESLEY G. STAPLETON, RA37818647, United States Army, distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as a member of the Engineer Fire Fighting Company, 8075th Army Unit, in Korea, from 27 January 1953 to 4 May 1954. Historic newspapers digitized from across the Red River. support of six NATO missions, three deployments of a medical personnel to Africa, and was key to the success to the 212th CSH He revitalized training with the Landstuhl He coordinated with external IT organizations for design and implementation of advanced microwave technology providing increased bandwidth, data back-up speeds, and increased system uptime. Far East Command. Sample Legion of Merit. This team facilitated and managed basing requirements to support OIF drawdown and retrograde to Kuwait. Selected by a centralized board to recruit and train future leaders of the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel BLANK implemented changes which resulted in a program ranked in the bottom 10 percent of the Nation to the top 20 percent of the Nation. Exception: refer to Paragraph 3.8 for processing procedures for awards arising out of combat operations. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Cruise is recognized for having distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements for over 35 years. Major BLANK's extraordinary contributions throughout his 25 year career in critical leadership and staff positions directly influenced global political stability across multiple continents. (WTB) at Fort Carson, Colorado. He was handpicked to be the unit's deploying Unit Movement Officer, shipping over 115 short tons of vehicles and equipment with zero losses to Kuwait. He oversaw the welfare and maintenance of 39 service members and over $15,000,000 of equipment. The Legion of Honour (French: Légion d'honneur, IPA: [leʒjɔ̃ dɔnœʁ]) is the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits, established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte and retained by all later French governments and régimes.. United States Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti Papers (AR0026), University of North Texas Special Collections. He supported the Special Operations Division, where he oversaw and ran the security check point at the SCIF. a. His guidance and leadership were instrumental in navigating the complex and critical issues surrounding the Iraqi people's realization of sovereignty and the Iraqi Security Forces being thrust into the lead role for security operations. His organizational and leadership skills were vital to the development and training of over 60 fully qualified Drill Sergeants during his four-year tenure as the First Sergeant. 100% of MSM processed within 10 days of receipt. As First Sergeant of the 1st Battalion 304th Regiment in 2011-2015, MSG Cameron supervised and coordinated all administrative functions of the company headquarters. a digital repository hosted by the Secondly, his actions in planning EUCOM operations in support of relocating the U.S. Embassy in Israel were critical to mission success. Major BLANK served as the Special Forces Tactical Command Post Operations Officer in support of combat operations to liberate Kuwait and defeat the Iraqi Army during Operation DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM. For exceptionally meritorious service while serving in positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in a 24-year career as Operations NCO, J3, European Command Army Reserve Element. His noteworthy services have encompassed all levels of transportation, maintenance and a myriad of additional positions including HET driver, Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, Truckmaster, and Senior Movements Noncommissioned Officer. this award. Lieutenant Colonel BLANK transitioned from the Operations Officer to the Executive Officer of the 864th Engineer Battalion where he was responsible for the execution of over 150 construction projects valued at over $300 million to support the surge Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. collections, new partnerships, information on research, trivia, Hospital. He was responsible for the accountability and control of over 200 enlisted troops. 1950-22~. Upon retirement, Major Fox is recognized for distinguished performance of duty that represents exemplary achievement in the finest traditions of the United States Army. We need more examples. WSMR STANDARDS:. Citation to accompany the award of the Legion of Merit. He provided implementation guidance to senior level managers on purchasing and the use of emerging technologies. For exceptionally meritorious service from 29 Sep 1985 to 30 Jun 2012 while serving in a variety of positions culminating as an Army Nurse. From 2007 through January 2008, 1SG His outstanding leadership, pursuit of excellence, and dedication significantly increased the effectiveness, readiness, and quality of every unit to which he was assigned. As interim CSM, he was recognized by the US Fox served with honor and distinction in numerous positions, from those associated with his career in the Marine Corps to his various assignments within the Civil Affairs community, and his most recent assignments within European Command. He achieved this by first clearing the backlog of Inspector General cases that dated back to 2001 and then ensuring timely disposition of the 185 new cases that were presented to him during his tenure. The general presented Beau Biden with the Legion of Merit for his service in the Delaware National Guard. All dates should be entered in the DD-3-letter month ID-YYYY format (EX: 23-FEB-2004) His success was built upon his superb efforts in his previous post which saw him mentor, coach, train and lead by example what would become the best brigade in the 2nd Iraqi Army Division, in Mosul, then the most complex and lethal part of all Iraq. He leveraged resources to incorporate new technology to remote sites in the enclave, increasing speeds tenfold and reducing recurring costs by $200,000 annually. Meritorious Service Medal (Under Construction) Bronze Star Medal (Template and Examples) Legion of Merit. His leadership and mentorship has established a strong presence amongst the NCOs of the 212th Combat Support The significant achievements and devotion to duty of Lieutenant Colonel Doe, reflect great credit upon himself, the United States Army Reserve Element European Command, and the United States Army. Legion of Merit citation. to As a Training Support Battalion Commander in the early years of Operation Enduring Freedom, Lieutenant Colonel Padden employed the diverse characteristics and capabilities of the 1st Battalion, 310th Regiment to fully prepare National Guard and Army Reserve Brigades for deployment to Afghanistan for combat operations. Master Sergeant Kirk Cameron has distinguished himself with over 37 years of exceptionally meritorious service to the Nation and the United States Army. He trained and mentored Soldiers of an Afghani His efforts greatly improved the ability of 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division to mentor the Iraqi National Police Battalion greatly increasing their effectiveness in protecting the Iraqi people. This text is part of the following collection of related materials. People and organizations associated with either the creation of this text or its content. Purpose. As the Strategy and Policy Branch Chief, Stability Operations Division, Lieutenant Colonel Padden positively and directly influenced Army and Department of Defense Policy and program recommendations to the Chief of Staff, Army; the Vice Chief of Staff, Army; and the DCS, G3/5/7 on a daily basis. His involvement in this operation directly impacted rebuilding Panama into a stable democratic country. YOUR EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP IS IN KEEPING WITH THE FINEST TRADITIONS OF THE MILITARY AND REFLECTS GREAT CREDIT UPON YOURSELF, THE WASHINGTON ARMY NATIONAL GUARD, AND THE UNITED STATES ARMY. MSG Cameron coordinated activities of the Training NCO, Supply Sergeant and Senior Drill Sergeant. REFERENCE: AR 600-8-22, Chapter 3. The department is located in UNT's Willis Library in the fourth floor Reading Room. His cybersecurity expertise and leadership were required to manage a team of twenty-five military, civilian and contractor personnel to synchronize efforts to design, operate and defend all Army networks. During his tenure at 3-383D Training Support Battalion, he earned the unit two adequate ratings during the Physical Security Inspections and recognized by the 88th Reserve Support Command for bringing the unit back into compliance since his arrival. He coordinated and developed staff to meet all Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for cyber security utilized data to provide actionable information for strategic decision making. Republic of Korea Army Engineer Firefighting Platoon, trained and utilized indigenous personnel in this inportant field of public safety and conducted a relentless campaign to establish high standards of fire prevention and protection throughout the teeming port city of Pusan. He served on five short overseas tours from 2014 to 2017 as a Team Chief for the Joint Operations Center. The superior effort, outstanding leadership, and personal initiative display by Lieutenant Colonel BLANK reflect great credit upon himself, the United States Army, and his country. Unique identifying numbers for this text in the Portal or other systems. (3) Sample Legion of Merit Citation (4) Sample Meritorious Service Medal Citation (5) Sample Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal Citation (6) Sample Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Citation (7) Sample Flag Letter of Commendation (8) Sample Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal 1. The swords represent protection of the nation. Over his 31 year career, Lieutenant Colonel Alfred J. Padden has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of positions of great importance and responsibility to the Army and the Nation, culminating as the Strategy and Policy Branch Chief, Stability Operations Division, Strategy, Plans and Policy Directorate, Operations and Plans (G-3/5/7), Headquarters, Department of the Army for the past eighteen months. His extraordinary career culminated with him serving as the Weapons of Mass Destruction Administrative Assistant for the United States Army Reserve Element European Command. He managed all budgeting and purchasing activities using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to a 99% execution rate. For partners and peer institutions seeking information about standards, project requests, and our services. Sergeant Maj. Bryan Zickafoose hugs Maj. Gen. Walter Miller, the II Marine Expeditionary Force Commanding General, as he receives his citation for the Legion of Merit gold star in lieu of second award during a post and relief ceremony at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., Dec. 15, 2016. Surrounding each of the five points is a gold design of swords and a green border. Under his leadership and guidance, unit readiness was greatly enhanced by the establishment and execution of a newly developed training plan which included the integration of annual joint training conducted by Joint Forces Staff College mobile training team. In total Major BLANK deployed 40 months overseas for combat duty in Panama, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Lieutenant Colonel BLANK's ability to build teams, communicate ideas and develop others was most evident as he served as a Military Transition Team Chief in Iraq from February 2007 to June 2009. Then, his platoon was awarded the Army Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Award for accident free operations. His leadership in a multitude of critical leadership positions across the entire spectrum of the Army positively impacted hundreds of Soldiers over the course of a very honorable career. He embodied the Army Values and was always a sound voice for the command. For exceptionally meritorious service while serving in positions of increasing responsibility and culminating a thirty-seven-year career as the Weapons of Mass Destruction Administrative Assistant for the United States Army Reserve Element United States European Command. His team reduced the base manning time for FPCON Delta from three hours to less than 90 minutes. His emphasis on developing quality leaders through more rigorous training produced United States Army Officers capable of leading Soldiers in a wartime environment. His previous positions of senior leadership included Special Forces Operations Officer, Special Forces S-4, Special Forces A-team Detachment Commander, Basic Airborne Training Company Commander, Senior Platoon trainer for Infantry Officer Basic Course. available in multiple sizes, descriptive and downloadable metadata available in other formats, /ark:/67531/metadc1609439/metadata.untl.xml, /ark:/67531/metadc1609439/metadata.dc.rdf, /ark:/67531/metadc1609439/metadata.dc.xml, /oai/?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&identifier=info:ark/67531/metadc1609439, /ark:/67531/metadc1609439/metadata.mets.xml, /stats/stats.json?ark=ark:/67531/metadc1609439, Your support aids students of all ages, rural communities, as well as independent and professional researchers. His service reflects great credit upon himself, the Transportation Corps, and the United States Army. As a liaison to the US Embassy in Pakistan, during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Major BLANK was able to achieve an unambiguous unity of purpose between the United Nations, United States and Pakistan in demining/ countermine programs along the Pakistan and Afghan border. Upon retirement, Major Doe is recognized for distinguished performance of duty that reflects great credit upon herself, the 2600th Military Intelligence Group and the United States Army. His understanding of a total Army concept generated positive relationships with the Guam National Guard and the University of Guam gaining valuable support for the Cadet Corps. (including sample citations, time limitations, and precedence of awards), ... Legion of Merit (LM) and below and MUC: CMC. 4. He was responsible for operation of the Army Cyberspace Integration and Operations Center (ACOIC) which maintains and defends all Army networks consisting of 817,000 Windows assets, 33,000 servers, and 71,000 mobile devices across six theaters of operation. The medal is awarded to members of the United Nations Armed Forces for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the United States. During 2009-2010, while mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom at Fort Knox as the Company Executive Officer, MSG Cameron completed high-quality training laydowns and schedules for two full BCT cycles that fulfilled the Commander s intent and set the standard tor the Battalion. For meritorious service in positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in a 20-year career as an operations / action officer assigned the United States Army Reserve Element European Command. As the vanguard in preparing deploying forces, Lieutenant Colonel Padden created and employed techniques for instruction, sequencing and evaluation that became the baseline for the next ten years of Army efforts to ready and deploy forces from the Reserve Component into combat. Private First Class Joseph Adler distinguished himself by having 37 enlistments credited to him. Active Duty recipients An unaltered photocopy of your DD-214, WD AGO, NAVPERS, NG or other military issued document clearly displaying your award of the Legion Of Merit. The citation of the Legion of Merit to the DARNG is now in "Active Voice" (This example is for retirement): Citation to accompany the award of the Legion of Merit As First Sergeant he ensured over 250 wounded warriors met their demanding rehabilitation UNT Libraries. MSG Cameron assisted with 50 Drill Sergeant Candidates' screening processes. His selfless service and patriotism were evident as he led Soldiers at every rank from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel. Joint Service Commendation Medal. Despite obstacles imposed by extremely congested areas, lack of fire breaks, an inadequate water supply system and numerous routes inassessable to fire fighting equipment, his actions in directing fire-fighting operations during the Great Pusan Fire of 27 November 1953 and the devastating fires of 29 January 1954 and 3 April 1954 reach heroic portions and resulted in the saving of hundreds of lives and millions of dollars worth of military and civilian property. Sergeant First Class Hernandez demonstrated outstanding leadership and managerial skills while serving as a Platoon Sergeant in the 47th Truck Company. assume the responsibility as the 1SG for B Co, 212th CSH. He was responsible for the maintenance and use of over 2.3 While deployed to Kuwait, he was handpicked by the battalion leadership to certify incoming convoy commanders to theater based on his proven ability to complete every mission to standard and always focusing on safety. Two (2) letter codes to be used in Blocks 19, 20, 31 and 32. Serving as Fire Chief of the city of Pusan, Sergeant STAPLETON demonstrated exceptional technical proficency and outstanding initiative in establishing adequate military fire-protection measures in highly strategic and extremely vulnerable areas in the United Nations' logistical chain of supply, succesfully reducing the acute danger of their destruction by fire through possibe enemy action. It is with great honor that we recognize this soldier's service to her country over the past 27 years. He oversaw a $1.5 million annual budget, 18 personnel, and over ten contracts per year. We've logged the problem, but we'd also like to gauge interest in providing additional services with handwritten or non-English documents. legion of merit Authorized in 1942, the Legion of Merit was the first U.S. decoration created specifically to honor citizens of other nations' service to the United States. He was responsible for the maintenance, recovery, and Lieutenant Colonel Padden played a key role in the transition between Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn by carefully managing over 250 External and Stability Transition Teams as the Chief of Transition Team Operations for the J3 in United States Forces Iraq. Naval Forces Europe during strike operations conducted in Syria. The Director, Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council, acts on behalf of the SAF and approves or disapproves the recommendations. After attending the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), he became a registered trainer within 90 days. Commander, Marine Forces, Atlantic. Sign up for our periodic e-mail newsletter, and get news about our Lieutenant Colonel Doe concluded his career as a Team Chief for the Joint Operations Center, European Command and Deputy J3, United States Army Reserve Element-European Command. During her career, Major Doe, by extra ordinary leadership, integrity and technical skills enhanced the readiness of numerous units throughout the United States Army and deployed. JDrafting The Award Citation • Limit the use of the phrase, “during the citation period.” The citation’s effective period is stated in the opening sentence, and it is understood that all of the awardee’s actions occurred during the effective period. During 2016 Annual Training with Headquarters EUCOM, in Grafenwoehr Germany, MSG Cameron was an integral piece of the operational exercise. Is there something I am missing here? The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Legion of Merit to Colonel Lawson H. M. Sanderson (MCSN: 0-860), United States Marine Corps, for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States. To use the phrase anywhere else in the citation is redundant He was responsible for Miesau Ammunition Depot United States. The miniature decoration, MIL-D-3943/13, is not part of the set but is stocked separately, NSN 8455-00-996-5009. Lieutenant Colonel BLANK served as the Operations Officer in the 864th Engineer Battalion where he planned and supervised the execution of the pre-deployment training for the Engineer Task Force's initial construction and combat operations in support of Regional Command South, Afghanistan. awards, and more. He oversaw logistics of an entire BCT cycle of training where he coordinated 200 meals, produced 75 risk assessments, and planned a graduation ceremony with over 500 attendees. It has been viewed 55 times, with 11 in the last month. The Legion of Merit is one of the U. S. military's most prestigious awards, ranking just below the Silver Star, and ahead of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Sergeant First Class Hernandez has an amazing ability to build his teams, communicate ideas and develop others which was most evident as he served as a HET vehicle driver and Squad Leader while assigned to the 377th Transportation Company (HET) at Ft. Bliss, TX. For exceptionally meritorious service as an Infantryman and Special Forces Operator from May 1978 to October 1992 and October 2005 to July 2016. His understanding of engineer qualification tasks and the complex operational environment in Afghanistan resulted in the 864th Engineer Battalion conducting squad Live Fire Exercises, two Command Post Exercises and a Culminating Training Exercise. Her Dedication to duty reflects great credit upon herself, the California Army National Guard and the United States Army. Lieutenant Colonel BLANK had an unbelievable ability to work with community leaders, always reflecting the Army and the Army Values. supporting over 800 soldiers, and DOD and host nation workers. United States Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti Papers, 2 The following The Legion Of Merit (LOM) Template for has been taken from a Word file. becoming the first hospital to pass the NATO medical Role III evaluation. The goal of the HQDA Awards Program is to foster mission accomplishment by recognizing the excellence of military members and motivating them to high levels of performance and service. 1SG Matthews is an absolute professional and a shining example of The Legion of Merit is issued to members of the Armed Forces of the United States as well as to military and political figures of foreign nations. His leadership, technical competence and total dedication contributed immeasurably to the United States Army Reserves mission and to the vitality and sustainability of the strength of the nation in a time of war. requirements and established company programs to enhance their rehabilitation process. As the Inspector General for the District of Columbia National Guard from 2005 until 2008, Lieutenant Colonel Padden was credited for restoring the positive command climate that had been missing from the command.
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