Question from Student Questions,math,class12. C |A| D A. VITEEE 2021 Registrations Started, Check Application Process Here VITEEE 2021 registrations started, check the application process. Business. 3.5k SHARES. Let A Be A Nonsingular Square Matrix Of Order 3 × 3. Finance. If is a singular matrix, then adj is a. singular b. non singular c. symmetric d. not defined 1:17 126.8k LIKES. (iv) If A is singular, then adj A is also singular. 4. When A is not invertible, the adjugate satisfies different but closely related formulas. Products. Operations Management ... Determinant of the matrix: Since the determinant is not 0, inverse exists. C |A| D diagonal matrix. Ex 4.5, 17 (Method 1) Let A be a nonsingular square matrix of order 3 × 3. 72.2k SHARES. 3.5k VIEWS. Leadership. B both have same order. |A| B. Solution for Show that if A is singular, then adj A is also singular. Latest Blog Post. View All. Subjects. Linear Algebra with Applications (9th Edition) Edit edition. If rk(A) ≤ n − 2, then adj(A) = 0. (vii) (A-1)-1 = A, if A is non singular. Let A be a nonsingular square matrix of order 3 × 3. Marketing. Ask Questions, Get Answers 17. |(adj (adj A))| = |A|^ [(n-1)^2] NOTE: If A is sq. If then is equal to 1:50 4.1k LIKES. If A is n-square and singular, A(adj A) = (adj A)A = 0 . matrix of order n then Adj. Show that if A is singular, then adj A is also singular. (v) Let A be non singular matrix, then a d j A ∣ A ∣ \frac{adj \: A}{\left | A \right |} ∣ A ∣ a d j A is the multiplicative inverse of A and is denoted by A-1. Then |adj A| Is Equal To ☞ Class 12 Solved Question paper 2020 ☞ Class 10 Solved Question paper 2020. A is also of order n menu. If A is invertible, then, as noted above, there is a formula for adj(A) in terms of the determinant and inverse of A. Then |adj A| is equal to B A. 900+ SHARES. (vi) (A-1) T = (A T)-1 for any non singular matrix. question_answer. If A is a non-singular matrix of order 3, then adj(adj(A)) is equal to 1:00 16.7k LIKES. The Questions and Answers of If A is a singular matrix, then Adj A isa)singularb)non-singularc)symmetricd)not definedCorrect answer is option 'A'. Accounting. Using this fact we can compute the inverse of a nonsingular matrix A by adjoining the identity matrix to the right of it and then reducing A to an identity matrix. Get solutions 900+ VIEWS. 72.2k VIEWS. are solved by group of students and teacher of JEE, which is also the largest student community of JEE. Problem 11E from Chapter 2.3: Show that if A is singular, then adj A is also singular. I had been going to use the fact that if a matrix is singular, its determinant is 0, and the theorem that says that det(adj A) = [det(A)]^(n-1), but then realized that the theorem was only true if A was nonsingular. C no of columns of A is equal to columns of B. Transcript. Can you explain this answer? A adj A⁄|A| B A ². Then |adj A| is equal to A. View Answer ... 17 If A is a symmetric matrix, then At = A 0. Management. View Answer ... View Answer Answer: Singular matrix 19 Two matrices A and B are added if A both are rectangular. Economics. If rk(A) = n − 1, then rk(adj(A)) = 1.
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