Her name is a curse in Dwarvish. He's very boastful and will go on for hours about hks heroic deeds. It was during one of Jordroy’s alchemical mishaps that Fared had he chance to escape his cage and run to freedom, although not before being doused in a variety of mysterious reagents. He winked at the goblin and told him that when the time came that he wanted something more than this life he led, all he had to do was grasp the necklace and believe. Hobbin of the Dirt – A loony, mud-soaked, and scratched up goblin that wanders the forests, believing herself to be a powerful druid capable of communing with the trees. Trying to lie your way past the city guard? Female goblins are on average taller than males.They have sharp teeth and small, pointed nails. ", Gorscrik, by an odd turn of fate, survived the battle, lying senseless in the sea of his slaughtered comrades. Trying to lie your way past the city guard? Bugbear Clan Names. The Shatter Bone Tribe were a goblin tribe found in the Gold Coast. Rapier. Dresses like a Harlequin. Dead Trout of Nitzcave – First goblin to figure out how a crossbow works. "Ariawyn Ocoalyrn - swears she's actually a very short, slightly malformed elf and definitely not a goblin. Morphi the Trickster. If you want a character who is eccentric, enthusiastic, and fun-loving, you should play a goblin. Others hate it. ", Is surprisingly lucky when it comes to surviving the battlefield. ", Fervious Feverfew the Fird – Grandchild of the renowned poisoner of the last King / Queen of the Kingdom. Remove curse only works for one encounter where Gulzyat would have appeared and then he turns up again like a bad penny. "Fugh - This goblin is a bit... slower than the rest in his tribe, but he's big, strong, and easy to order around. Spends more time with the rats than with anyone else and has begun taking on rat-like mannerisms like nose twitching. Rather than kill him, he declared that the goblin would serve him for three years, one for every crust of bread in the box. Nobody except him can EVER say it right, to his immense frustration. Though the work is tiring and often thankless, Ghaulli is a widow who tries her best to ensure her young son is provided for. ", Not that he was raised by wolves, that his parents WERE wolves. Gututut – Big, Strong, and Hairy Goblin, thinks he may be adopted. "Dead Trout of Nitzcave - First goblin to figure out how a crossbow works. )", ", ", "Idjus Longnose - Proud leader of a band of hang-gliding goblin mercenaries. Ratter – the tribes rat trainer. He has built his clan up on raiding, magic, and good old intimidation. Not to be confused with his brother Zig’Tu. The first ever goblin tribe simulator, we're the monsters now in this Goblins of Elderstone alpha gameplay! Though he sometimes falls victim to the pettier urges of his race, he always manages to quickly recover and use his power as a cleric of Aupheala to make amends. One day, he and his tribe raided a lone priest traveling the road. Loves setting traps, snares, and tripwires, can never remember where he’s set them. Card Kingdom 362.51 - 418.37 . Clever, diplomatic, charismatic she's leading the greenskins rebellion. "Fared the Gilded - As an old test subject for the secretive magus Jordroy, Fared was constantly exposed to strange magics, often for long periods of time. Sleeps in the wolves pen, curled up in the fetal position. He very much enjoys his job. Idjus Longnose – Proud leader of a band of hang-gliding goblin mercenaries. Brizzlefrak the Smokepile – The first goblin to be hit by lightning. Despite being the youngest, he’s actually the tallest as well. "Bogskin the Foul - First goblin to drive off a fort of nasty elves using bad odors. He insists he claimed his hat from a Red Cap he did a favor for. var randomStrings = [ Before the old dwarf could say anything else, the rest of Glizbik’s tribe attacked and killed him in the hopes they could find anything he was holding out on. ", Big Zorm has a big sack full of these treasures he never lets out of his sight, and adds to the weight of his chair. He's allowed these trophies as his insistence on 'chivalry' means he'll never try to take over the tribe, and he thinks he's invincible so he'll fight anybody you tell him to. Little Zorm: a teenage orc who was raised in a goblin tribe and believes themselves to be an unusually large goblin. Tribes represent the high point of goblin culture in the gam… Whose weapons of choice were a garotte wire and a vial of poison. "Glob - skintone more brownish with green spots, small even for the size of a goblin, always ridiculed and bullied, has no confidence but is in fact smarter than most goblins. Has an eye for spotting good targets for stealing and is ruthless in the execution. The very nature of a Goblin life makes last names irrelevant. 3-Gob – 3 gobs in a trench cloak, insists since he’s so ‘tall’ he should be in charge. "Three Crusts- As a young scout, the goblin became lost and wound up high in the mountains. ", Using their tribe’s name and having nicknames, however, is a normal occurrence for any of them. Believes they are a god. The woodsman and his wife had shared all but their very last food with him, and in return he had robbed them and burned their home. He gets easily distracted and dodges most attacks by picking up funny looking rocks, breaking into a spontaneous dance, tripping over his own feet and stumbling out of harms way, etc. Their skin tends to be leathery and grey, often wrinkled and covered in tiny scars, warts, and scabs. He now follows Drox everywhere proclaiming his holy status and making a show of his open worship. Adept at disguises, willing to share their knowledge for the right price. Backbite is now seeking to live up to whatever his ‘heritage’ is, meaning that he sometimes stops midsentence and says, ‘oh, but we’re GOOD guys now, riiiight…’. Sometimes has ‘guest stars’ (either kidnapped people or bandits) that rate his dishes. ", He’s allowed these trophies as his insistence on ‘chivalry’ means he’ll never try to take over the tribe, and he thinks he’s invincible so he’ll fight anybody you tell him to. ", ", "Pinkskin - At about three feet tall, with a measly little head, and curly brown hair, Pinkskin is unfortunately the ugliest goblin ever born, with a face only a mother can love. Gorscrik, who was sent as a scout, returned and reported that an attack would be madness. Has a massive bonus the listen checks. Pastew the Owl – has large eyes, barn owl feathers glued to her face and arms, and tries to speak riddles and aphorisms from the books that they have inexpertly hidden on their person. He wields a wand of smiles that he uses as a walking stick. But the Hobgoblin leadership, led by High Chief Captain Druzz'defor, chose to turn the horde against the Dwarven fortress of Merget Mon-Moor.
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