Welcome to our school. View our courses. Your dog learns our house rules while enjoying the company of our dog called Max. Class Information. You will make lots of friends, travel all over New Zealand, trial in many beautiful locations, keep both yourself and your dog fit and enjoy working together as a team. We also offer dog walking, cat sitting, dog sitting, in-home puppy day care, in-home doggy day care and house sitting services. Conservation Dogs Programme. Those that do are listed on the right column of this page. Phone. ", " The instructors are knowledgeable, experienced informative, and teach in a positive, and relaxed manner", "The greatest benefit to me was greater knowledge of dog behaviour and training methods". Initially working with the dog means I can visit and train your dog while you are at work or the gym etc, making training very time effective for you. Rather, it's his 'behaviour' that isn't okay. I’m excited to be able to offer this fun, informative training workshop for pet dog owners who want discover the fun and awesome benefits of introducing ‘nose exercise’ to your dog’s daily routine. Indoor Dog Training - Life Skills Class for All Dogs, Discover the ..., Blind & Low Vision NZ, Christchurch, Canterbury, 4 November 2020 - 25 November 2020 The class is from 7.00pm until 8.00pm. Looking for a simple solution to encourage your dog’s best behaviour, facilitate simple dog training and create harmony in your home? Lisa is so passionate and has been able to help us manage any tricky behaviours with great outcomes! But it's worth it. Her approach, philosophy and explanations for managing behaviour makes complete sense and what I found most helpful was her showing us how to put it into practice with Marley! WELCOME TO CHRISTCHURCH DOG TRAINING CLUB We are situated at 702 Marshlands R oad. in 2020 we celebrate 50 years of dog training! Learn to compete in Rally-O. Perhaps you doesn't know the language. Dog Trainers in Christchurch Central on Yellow®. We have loved her passion and style of training, which has made complete sense to us. At Bark Busters, we have proven solutions. Have a look around for info about Puppy School, Canine Good Manners, Obedience training … Training and workshops for Puppies up to 16 weeks of age and individual training for the older puppy too! He's our animal companion rather than merely a pet. At Training Dogs for Life we can provide you with everything you require for your new puppy from in home training, group classes, luxury in home boarding and rural daycare. Many come from the Christchurch City Council pound (and NZ wide pounds) that were otherwise destined for the certain euthanasia with the bolt gun. About Giles Ferguson - The Dogfather NZ My passion for working with dogs began in 1992 when I attended a dog-training course during my service in … Competitive Obedience. Welcome to Dogsport NZ Inc. Our membership is dedicated to utilising & preserving the temperament and proud working heritage of European working breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermanns and Belgian Shepherds through the world wide sport of Schutzhund (also known as Dogsport). Effective one-on-one dog training & puppy training in Christchurch. Janice Kirk, the Owner/Director of Tevra Dog Training, ensures that she personally meets everyone who attends our classes and that the training by her team is meeting her own high standards and the requirements of the dog and handler. One-on-One Puppy Training Session (with focus on ALL the family) Individual, fun and informative two hour sessions specialised for you, your family and your puppy covering: However, if your dog prefers to be walked alone, you can also find Christchurch dog walkers who only walk one dog at a time. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter and stay tuned. Kiwi and bird aversion training helps reduce native ground-dwelling birds being killed or disturbed by dogs. When adopting a dog you need to bring a form of identification, such as your driver's licence, passport, utility bill or birth certificate. The best and kindest way to train a dog with clear rules and boundaries, force-free and science-based. Private training highly individualised and is "custom fit" to exactly what you want help with and what you would like your dog to learn. Best Mate Dog Training, Rolleston, Canterbury, , New Zealand 028 410 9455 bestmatedogtraining@gmail.com Best Mate Dog Training: Dog Trainer servicing Rolleston, West Melton, Lincoln, Springston, Kirwee, Leeston, Darfield, Prebbleton, Christchurch, and the surrounding areas in Canterbury by arrangement. We can highly recommend our Puppy Classes online or in-person. Your dog comes and lives with us while you go travel around New Zealand or going overseas. Sit Happens offers positive dog training classes and private dog training tailored to your dog's needs. When your relationship matures, both you and your dog will enjoy each others company. Your dog learns our house rules while enjoying the company of our dog called Max. A complete puppy service! See our Facebook page for pictures! Do you feel that your dog isn't listening to you? We welcome your enquiry. Learn to communicate with your dog: Our neurologically based, stress-free training uses the latest research to produce amazingly accurate results, using body language, voice, scent and touch. "Has given me confidence to know how to teach him to walk loose leash! CLASSES. Thank you! Trusted local business listings and maps. Find the best Puppy classes in Christchurch and see how to get your dog to get a great recall, lead walking and focus out and about in general. “Pipi was a hyperactive dog that didnt listen very well, 10 minutes after Mark arriving she had stopped using the back yard as a race track, started listening. 8 talking about this. These classes are held on a Monday night at the Canterbury Kennel Centre, 701 McLeans Island Rd, Christchurch. Crate training a puppy isn't as difficult as you first think. A Christchurch pet sitter will visit your home or live in with your precious pets so they receive the same undivided attention they are used to. The time that you put into managing your dog in your environment will reward you and your dog for years to come. The question is.... how do you get there? If visiting the animal shelter you may see a dog that you like to adopt, you must be prepared to commit to the health, welfare and care of the dog. We pick your dog up, give them mental and physical stimulation, socialisation with up to 4 other dogs and then we drop them back home, satisfied, happy and tired. Puppy classes are held in Grey Lynn, at Barkley Manor Dog Daycare. It is important that all family members, or flat mates are involved with the training, whether it be house training, jumping on people, barking, stealing and destroying socks, digging, or nail-trimming. Thanks Lisa you are the best dog whisperer!”, “We have just graduated from 8 weeks puppy training with Lisa! We believe that a dog should be managed, ultimately, by voice and/or body language. Let them sniff! Dogs NZ Collaborates With UK Kennel Club To Improve Brachycephalic Health Dogs New Zealand will be collaborating with the UK Kennel Club to improve and protect the health of brachycephalic breeds in New Zealand by agreeing to operate, under license, the Kennel Club/University of Cambridge Respiratory Function … You and your best friend will embark on a journey of discovery with our group classes, private tuition, in-house training, owner education, lectures and pre-purchase advice. An early start with dog obedience training and good communication can be the key to success. I couldn't recommend Lisa enough! Find out how to change your dog's behaviour. Give your puppy the opportunity to gain more confidence, learn play boundaries and have fun in a safe environment! There are not many schools in New Zealand that offer dog training. Suitable for dogs aged from 14 weeks and up, our classes will give you great dog training tips. 8083 Christchurch . There are dog trainers in NZ who are members of Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers through the Australian branch and the NZ branch. I have the experience and commitment to resolve any dog related issues effectively and create a positive, enjoyable home for you and your dog. Putting their nose - and brain - to good use is a great way to tire your dog out! Avian awareness and avoidance training. Dogs don't naturally behave the way we want them to behave; they must learn to adjust to a human environment. We are proud dog lovers with many years of experience in training people to become dog grooming experts. hatcheddesigns 2020-06-30T13:07:39+09:30 Let's inspire some balance into our lives. Set the rules and they will follow most of them and be rewarded. Class Information. It knows its place in the world. ... New Zealand 0800 DOGSNZ (0800 364769) 07 575 2557 07 575 2570 (fax) Come In And See Us. The club was formed over 60 years ago by a group of dog fanatics and now provides a range of training classes for both obedience and competitions. Unit 9B/30 Tawa St, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116, New Zealand; This programme uses highly trained dogs and their handlers to detect New Zealand’s protected species or unwanted pests. Behaviour Modification We have specialised dog behaviour experts that have undergone intense training to identify everything they need to know about dog behaviour issues. In this class we focus on the 4 basic obedience commands of "sit", "stay", "coming back when called" and "walking on lead properly". For dogs 4 months and older. Accommodation; Accountants; Adult; Adventure; Ambulance; Arts & Entertainment; Automotive An item from 1 NEWS on training puppies with Animal behaviourist, Mark Vette. We have learnt so much from Lisa and our puppy has definitely benefitted from Lisa's excellent dog training skills!! Custom Training Plans (with Training Videos and other resources) sent out after the session. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Welcome to CDTC! Dog Obedience Classes - Christchurch. What. Christchurch Dog Training Club serves customers in the Canterbury Region and are in the Dog Trainers category. We train dogs of all ages and abilities and encourage all members of the household to attend training sessions in order to build consistency. “Before we got our puppy (Marley), we had read and were told a lot of varying and conflicting information on how to train and manage dogs behaviour, it was confusing.. Until we met Lisa! Dog Training With our Specialist team ... MacFarlane Park Centre close to the Palms Shopping Centre, in Hei Hei close to Hornby, in Sydenham and online all over NZ. We come to you at the privacy of your home giving you the flexibility in time. We teach and use best practice positive training methods to help you build the companion dog you and your family want. Petiquette specialises in non-confrontational, stress-and-gadget-free animal behaviour education – so you and your four-legged best friend can focus on the fun stuff, like long walks and fetch at the park or just relaxing enjoying time together at home.. You can discuss adopting a dog with shelter staff. !”Thank you Lisa. 1:1 behavioural training … A naked dog is a dog that you can trust. We are professionally trained dog trainers/behaviouralists. She answered a huge amount of questions and helped us so much to understand our puppy! Best Mate Dog Training, Rolleston, Canterbury, , New Zealand 028 410 9455 bestmatedogtraining@gmail.com Best Mate Dog Training: Dog Trainer servicing Rolleston, West Melton, Lincoln, Springston, Kirwee, Leeston, Darfield, Prebbleton, Christchurch, and the surrounding areas in Canterbury by arrangement. That way, the walks can be completely dedicated to what your dogs want – whether is a slow walk-and-sniff or a faster paced brisk walk around the block, our Pawshake dog walkers will be happy to oblige. By teaching your dog that he can rely on you to be their source of fun, you'll find that your relationship with your dog will naturally improve. Dogs New Zealand, formerly the New Zealand Kennel Club, for all NZ pedigree dog breeding information and confirmation, obedience and agility dogs clubs and dog shows and canine health info All Rights Reserved. We offer training at your home or local area in Christchurch, at our training locations & online all over NZ. All dogs get our attention, and our love- and daily walks. :), Private Dog Trainer - Dog Obedience & Puppy Training. As with any kind of dog-training, the process requires patience, time, and then a little more patience. ... We are NZ's online dedicated pet directory and profile quality kiwi pets, products and services, including Rescues and Pet Friendly Places and Events. Your dog comes and lives with us while you go travel around New Zealand or going overseas. As Charlotte’s name, alongside Second Chance’s grew more widely known, more people turned to Charlotte to help with the care and rehoming of unwanted litters of puppies, and help rehoming dogs, some easily adoptable and some requiring … The Canterbury Canine Obedience Club is a dog training facility in Christchurch that offers training for all breeds of dogs. Primary 03 3273976. Lisa has been so incredible with guiding us in a way that has been fun, kind and most importantly, effective. Happy dogs make happy owners. Puppy Training, Socialisation and Behaviour Workshops in Christchurch with Margaret van Oosten, member of the APDT: The Association of Professional Dog Trainers High Five Puppy Skills - Puppy training classes and private training tailored to your dog's needs Competitive Rally-O. Copyright © 2008- 2019 Naked Dog Designs. Our classes focus on real-life problems prevention, developing social skills along with teaching basic manners. Check out the Archives- our past newsletters. Welcome to Dogsport NZ Inc. Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Lisa is extremely patient, kind and consistent in her training techniques. See here the whole list of our best dog trainers from Christchurch and their surroundings reviewed by StarOfService community from Christchurch ... Christchurch Dog Training Club ... Doggie Mum Nz dog trainer - 34 km from Christchurch . When we train, we aren't looking to end up with a spit-and-polish dog who obeys our every command with military precision but rather, to establish leadership and promote respectful submission by using the things they like to do as reinforcement for things we want them to do. Dogsport is an ideal means by which to demonstrate your dog's … This doesn't mean he's a 'bad' dog. You and your dog will learn how to communicate with each other by developing a great relationship based on cooperation and trust. We do an initial assessment, talk you through some of the strategies we can do to achielve your goals for your dog's behaviour, demonstrate how to give commands..., and encourage you to know that change is possible! Canine Good Manners. Whether your dog is a shooting companion, family pet or show dog, it will enjoy working in the field and competing in field trials, and so will you!
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