1. This is a big time Secret synergy deck. Ashes of Outland decks....but on a budget! Face Hunter does its thing, it goes face. Hunter got a new Secret in Ashes of Outland and we're currently running it in this deck! Deck guide Deck Import ID: AAECAR8G+wGoAocEnaUDg7kD7b4DDLUDlwjkpAOOrQP7rwP8rwODtgPOuAOjuQOkuQP5ugP/ugMA. Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide. Check out this Highlander Hunter ranked Hearthstone deckfor the Ashes of Outland expansion. Always craft cards with extreme caution in the early parts of an expansion. Zixor, Apex Predator is one of this deck's focal points, since the potential for Zixor Prime is often enough to win games on its own. Early on in the expansion, these decks will be very raw and it will take at least a couple of weeks before things are refined and the meta settles in. Decks will be filtering in and out of this list as we learn what is working and what isn't. - There aren't many Rush minions in this deck. Phase Stalker and your Hero Power are an obvious early combo to make happen, and it's perfect for getting advantage by putting a Secret in play as well as thinning out your deck for the future. You want to play with the new cards too, but you don't want to craft cards that will end up being a waste of dust. Falling behind on board? Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game. ... For this Report, I didn’t include Demon Hunter Decks before the Nerfs. Removed 1x Leeroy Jenkins for 1x Reckless Rocketeer. Dragon Hunter is a midrange deck that takes advantage of Dragon synergies while pressuring opponents. 3. Here's the Darkmoon Faire Stealth Rogue variant. Dragon Hunter just got a WHOLE LOT deadlier! Use the checkboxes to compare up to eight decks! 2. The start of an expansion is sometimes daunting if you are playing on a budget. If something costs four mana or more, no matter how good it seems, you don’t want it in your opening hand. Do keep resources available for board clears though. We've all sorts of Demon Hunter guides if you're interested, and will be updating with more in the future. Regardless, this version of Tempo Demon Hunter still stands strong as a solid deck to climb the ladder, so give it a go if you think you're hard enough. Play control in the early game using weapons and Rush minions to keep their side of the board empty. ... More Highlander Hunter Decks. Sometimes it might be interesting to watch old stuff, but we guess you would enjoy the newest Version. This Demon Hunter Deck is BROKEN! Once they’re on the backfoot you can become the aggressor, ignoring their minions and going directly for their life total. All Rights Reserved. It's got some ways to get rid of enemy minions, but most of your damage should ideally be going face. This is not a classic Meta Report, you will not only find Top tier Decks. If you are looking for Demon Hunter decks, we have you covered for those too. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. by James Law, Check out this Highlander Hunter ranked Hearthstone deckfor the Ashes of Outland expansion. - Always look for lethal damage. Our goal is to show you as many good builds of Decks … Helboar can make valuable trades with its 2 attack, and buffs a friendly Beast in hand simultaneously. Ashes of Outland introduced 135 new cards, including 15 cards for the brand new Demon Hunter class, as well as Primes, and Imprisoned Demons! 73% Winrate Rank 5 to Legend Secret Highlander Hunter. Our starter guide to playing the Beast Hunter deck in the Ashes of Outland meta. It seems you are watching an older article. See the full list of revealed cards below. 2020: Deck list has been completely overhauled for the Ashes of Outland expansion. 2. ... An OLD DECK with a NEW TWIST | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone - Duration: 31:31. Trial by Felfire is a free to play story-driven Solo Adventure added as part of the Ashes of Outland expansion. Here’s the Midrange Demon Hunter deck we’ll be using for the beginning of Ashes of Outland. Here Comes the BOOM! Tempo Demon Hunter includes most of the expensive Demon Hunter cards from Ashes of Outland (Kayn Sunfury, Metamorphosis, and Warglaives of Azzinoth) as well as Frenzied Felwing s from the final chapter of Galakrond’s Awakening. Token Demon Hunter is here to take advantage of … With cards like Fresh Scent, Scrap Shot, and Kill Command you often have a decent bit of damage in hand. Use your Rush minions to keep control early on. 94% Winrate - This Hunter Deck is INSANE! It'll be a fun deck to try out though, and well worth a go! You can use the … Early game: Play out your early game minions and take efficient trades where possible. Our Beast Hunter guide also contains … It is the fastest Hunter deck, but also the most one-dimensional, so when you run out of steam, the game is just over. It takes advantage of the Hunter class' great many animals, and the ability for them to buff each other as they hunt in packs. 27:54. - When you copy a minion in hand with Ramkahen Wildtamer, it keeps all buffs previously applied to it, such as from Scavenger's Ingenuity and Scrap Shot. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Ashes of Outland expansion. ... 07 Apr. Many Hunter decks also rely on Beast synergy and use various combinations … Ashes of Outland cards are available through the following options: 1. DESTROYING THE META! 1. Ashes of Outland Meta Decks -First Week of June Ladder It's the first week of June, which means a fresh ladder climb is ahead for everyone. I've posted a video below showing the deck so go check that out and enjoy. 2x (2) Aldor Attendant. 1. - If Zixor, Apex Predator is attacked when Pack Tactics is in play, you'll be able to double up on the Deathrattle and get an extra Zixor Prime in your deck. RegisKillbin 113,284 views. Thanks for taking part! You will find a lot of good, but also some crazy Hearthstone Decks. Deck code:AAECAaoIBvUE7QWQB+iwA+a3A+2+AwycApQD+QOBBP8FsgatkQOKlAOQpwOBsQPbuAOTuQMA 2. 06/04/2020. Deathrattle Dragon Hunter – Stealth – Ashes of Outland Dragon Hunter – #47 Legend (Sveiks) – Galakrond’s HoF Nalguidan’s Dragon Hunter – Masters Tour Los Angeles Top 8 Play more aggressively from the start and look for opportunities for extra damage with your hero power wherever you can. This Post is outdated. 2x (2) Hand of A'dal. This means Diving Gryphon will almost always pull out Zixor, Apex Predator or Zixor Prime (or itself). In our Top Legend Decks Report, we feature Decks from Players all over the world that have reached Top 500 Legend. The best part about this video is … Quest Hunter - Quest Hunter deck list guide (Ashes of Outland) General strategy. - Ashes of Outland Hearthstone - Duration: 15:14. Midrange Hunter and Dragon Hunter used to be viable options on a budget earlier in Ashes of Outland, but in the current meta, only Face Hunter can succeed without expensive cards. We think Overgrowth is the best card in Druid’s set, and the most likely … 26 Mar. There are exceptions to that rule, of course, but they don’t apply to this particular fight. Mulligan guild at - 4 upvotes. This may seem absurd, but this Shaman deck seeks to win by creating multiple copies of the new Pri… If a pesky Taunt is in your way, Maiev Shadowsong can provide the last push you need by forcing it to become Dormant. Tried this deck a couple of games, I struggle a lot against taunt minions and it requires turn 8 for the kill most of the time, even with the current cards that allow you to pick more cards is really not enough to pull off the combo or clear the board in time, nevertheless its still funny to use
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