Whiting are one of the most sought after fish in Florida waters. For editorial and general enquiries email: Tunnel barn Farm Match Results 27th September 2020, Tunnel Barn Farm Match Results 6th September 2020, A good year for young salmon gives hope on the River Frome, Angling Trust forced to suspend national angling competitions for two months. Without a doubt the best baits for Whiting are live blood and sand worms, yabbies otherwise known as saltwater nippers and pipis. I’ve been using them for surf fishing recently and have had a lot of success with them. Best Bait. Whiting are not a difficult fish to catch. Visit the DISCUSSION FORUMS ALL FORUMS COARSE FISHING CARP FISHING SEA FISHING FOR SALE. Three-hook flapping rigs are generally used by whiting hunters, and a size 2 Aberdeen pattern will connect virtually every time. Here, Barney Wright shares his successful whiting tips. It is possible to catch a whiting on each hook of a two hook rig when a shoal descends on an area. Quite a few species are on offer as well, including bream, whiting, tailor, salmon and mulloway. And we have already explained that whiting are very keen on oily fish, such as mackerel, herring or sprat.But, whatever the attractant is with WD40, it is still an effective way of attracting more fish to the hook or picking off the odd straggler when the fishing is hard.All you do is bait up in the usual way and then, before you cast out, spray a little WD40 on the offering and cast the bait out as normal.Another source of attraction to the fish is anything that glistens. Don’t make the mistake of using light snoods – whiting may be small but their teeth are razor sharp. The best time to surf fish is from before dawn to around 10 AM and two hours before dusk. Not all fish can be used as bait “legally”. Full graphite or composite is best. On their own, these baits do work well. No need to work the bait or even hold onto the rod. We were getting bites every 3 to 7 seconds. While not at the top of the whiting’s feeding menu, Fish Bites, a small strip bait available at the tackle store, will often fool whiting. Fishing has been a passion of mine since I was a child. The best bait without doubt is live bait. As the tide rises, the fish spread out with access to more water or disperse to cleaner, calmer water if the swell and water movement becomes too turbulent. Stick a sand spike in the sand and let that hold your rod for you. But a cocktail, or mix, of any of these baits does seem to attract more fish to the hook. Also, the pouting has a deeper body than the whiting and poor cod tend to leave a residue of slimy scales on the hands when handled. Sand Fleas. rogers-whiting-rig BEST BAITS FOR WHITING. So here’s a load of top tips that are sure to get you bagging more fish this autumn. Squid and Related Baits: Squid have long been a top sea fishing bait. Heavier sinkers will be needed when fishing off the surf beaches. Yabbies are very effective in certain situations, frozen prawns are a poor option and beach worms are great on the beach but not so reliable in the estuaries. In many areas whiting are lurking just past the waves waiting for sand fleas to be uncovered for feeding. They will even venture just a few yards from the shore, which makes them accessible to anglers of all abilities.A calm, moonlit night is often the most productive time for these hard-hitting fish. Sand Fleas are small (about the size of a large thumbnail to the size of a quarter) crabs that live in the sand along Florida’s beaches. The short answer is whatever the fish like to eat the most.
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