Be careful! When you find the fish, they bite readily. Snagging in the rocks is a possibility. If you fail to identify any indicators while carrying out surfperch seashore fishing in Oregon, don't go home. Read on to find out more about this elusive fish and the types you can encounter while you are fishing. Gathering bait from tidal pools is also prohibited. Cloudy skies and foggy wet weather are the norm at Westport and Ocean Shores beaches, even in the summer. If you plan on staying a while in this area, then you will surely visit the next beach on this list. Gathering intertidal organisms for bait is prohibited within the park. ... Coos Bay . Good places to start are the jetties on either side of the Yaquina Bay outlet. Outstanding sightseeing is complemented well by the equally good fishing. When the fish won’t bite, you are just in the wrong spot. Fish with the outgoing tide until the biting stops. The hot fishing action I am talking about is surf fishing for surfperch. They even felt like their tires were at risk walking back up from the river. Anglers also have the choice of hitting the beaches near Ocean Shores on the north side of the Chehalis River estuary. I know my caucasian husband and son have been threatened while fishing in an area they were unfamiliar with, the locals felt like my husband and son were intruding on THEIR fishing area. The rough road will take you right to the sand and a popular spot for nice sized redtails. Getting here takes some time, but the beauty of the region makes it worthwhile and so does the fishing. If you identify changes in the waves or areas where two surfs clash together, that's a good indicator of a good fishing spot. Kalaloch Beach is a popular summer destination and for good reason. You can find them all yea Oregon offers great opportunities for fishing, but surf perch are often overlooked. If you are having trouble locating perch, keep moving and casting until you find them. Wild and rugged beaches to the north offer secluded fishing and abundant wildlife, while the flat sand beaches to the south are great for family trips and tailgate barbecues by the water. Fish over 2 pounds are not uncommon with many smaller fish always willing to bite. Surf perch attack quickly and the typical bite is a rapid-fire shot of sharp taps. For surf perch just sand crabs out of the surf, shrimp, or clam bits. Check out the fishing seasons and regulations page online for up-to-date seasons and limits. There are hundreds of places to fish along Oregon’s sandy beaches, and there are plenty of fish within an easy cast from shore. I’m actually taking my lil bro perch fishing … Be prepared for chilly weather. Because there are many spots to surf fish in Oregon, it will take me a while to compile this list.