The only care the LA’s have is that social workers have the ability to keep up performance, keep up with timescales, and work at least double their contracted hours for free. It is harder for older workers who may struggle more than younger people e.g. Having suffered huge personal bereavements this year my sadness and empathy reaches out to Annie’s family at their tragic loss. So sad to learn of this. The aim of our research was to provide a forum for social workers to tell us how it really is, to go beyond the rhetoric of resilience in professional requirements and establish more clearly how it is being used in contemporary practice. Everything comes before the welfare of staff. The council’s deputy chief executive and corporate director for the people directorate, John Macilwraith, said: “We consider the health and wellbeing of all of our staff, including social workers, to be of the utmost importance. This is very sad and my heart goes out to the family. It’s a disgrace that I hear too often. 40 replies 108.1K views susan792091 Forumite. I’m thoroughly ashamed sometimes to be associated with my own profession for failing in its duty of care to its own staff and being so frightened of the bogey man (Ofsted) that they fail staff and in turn children. Limit the length of time you can get sick pay (for example, one month’s sick pay in any 12-month period) State that if you are sick and unavailable for work, you must contact a specified person by a certain time If you do not get sick pay although it is in your contract or terms of employment, you can complain under the Payment of Wages Act. Nobody cares I don’t care how much they insist they are trying to make things better they are not. Thoughtful assessment and resolution for suspected social media transgressions. I was a victim of workplace bullying by my team manager : I didn’t realise it until my colleagues drew my attention to it. It is very sad but not just limited to children’s services. Wish there was more I could do. I left local government a few months ago and although it has helped a little, I am still surrounded by daily anxieties that I cannot cope with and I am just clinging on, but so close to giving up on this world. We asked participants what they understood by the term resilience. In my opinion these performance monitoring plans are counter-productive, as you struggle to do your best when your confidence is being knocked by the very fact of being on this plan (and there is the threat of the plan being moved to formal disciplinary measures after a certain timescale). The dictionary defines it as the capacity to recover from trauma and stress. This is because they know if they speak out they will then be targeted too. It’s really sad that despite all these tragedies, there is not let up at all. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Annie Peel. Sad but true in this day and age. I would sooner labour on a building site all day [at age 57] or work in Tescos or claim the dole than face going into all that maelstrom and chaos which is the state of children and family work in the UK these days. FMLA is unpaid leave from work. Fight the Power otherwise things won’t change. I tried to fight back but ended up at a HCPC tribunal. I believe that if personnel truly understood how abuse works there would be fewer complaints. A senior social worker took her own life after changes at work triggered a severe depression, a coroner’s inquest has been told. According to Thomas, trust plays a vital role in getting the most out of your team. Social stress is one mental illness that cannot be cured with something as easy as a substance. A significant theme in the responses indicates a belief that whatever the difficult or unpleasant situation is, it should be borne by the individual. A consultant who had seen Peel told the coroner she was affected by increased work pressure, two complaints against her and a new line manager she did not like. Social workers taking time off due to stress could be costing councils well over £45m in agency cover, projections from Community Care’s annual stress survey suggest. For my last four years I was put into a generic team and sent out to assess people with physical health needs. Our analysis overwhelmingly revealed a belief that it relates to responding to adversity. But without taking wider issues into account, we are in danger of viewing non-resilient social workers as the problem, inhabiting a troubled world of their own making. There has been a rise in the number of social workers taking long-term mental health leave, the BBC has learned. Social workers are expected to put right all the society’s ills. Healthy ways to cope with stress. Adult Social Care is so depleted of funds and staff that Social Workers are under constant immense pressure. Worker's compensation laws vary greatly among states, and the procedure and requirements can be complicated. the fact that there are so many responses is reassuring to me. Annie was one of us and it is clear that we all feel her loss. They are the pig in the middle from their managers, IROs the familes and all other professional organisations. Refuse to fail children and families. I believe more education is needed especially on how domestic abuse works. We must not allow this to continue. Cockermouth, Cumbria, where an inquest found social worker Annie Peel had taken her own life because of work pressures (image: Tim Herrick) A senior social worker took her own life after changes at work triggered a severe depression, a coroner’s inquest has been told. Not surprising pressure and unwarranted criticism is the reason I no longer practise at the frontline in statutory social work. The concept of individual resilience is diverting attention from failures in a system hit by funding cuts and a staff exodus, Last modified on Wed 31 Jul 2019 21.06 EDT. I worked for local authorities for the last 30 years. It is an utter scandal” - social worker, Leeds. Diathesis-Stress: Why Stress Makes Certain People Sick Just keeping themselves in jobs and not at the front line either so clueless as to what it is they want to change. Workers say resilience is being used to divert attention away from failures in the system, caused by significant issues such as funding cuts and workforce churn. Public sector workers continue to be under a high level of pressure, not least due to the difficult financial climate in which they operate.”. • Diane Galpin is academic lead for social work at the University of Plymouth, where Annastasia Maksymluk and Andy Whiteford are both lecturers, Social workers are under huge pressure. When the person is reporting as sick, particularly if the person has already been off work due to stress for two weeks or more Where there are other underlying health problems which may require additional consideration and support eg anxiety and depression which … In the end I got out of my own accord before I could have a black mark against my record. Many felt they need to compartmentalise these emotions. What a needless death of a life well lived! This was indicated with comments such as “being able to emotionally support yourself to have a shield against stresses”, “using emotional intelligence to regulate yourself and protect yourself from harm”, and “working hard to not become emotionally involved”. I’m writing this as a social work manager. Our research suggests employers have limited understanding of the complex interconnections between individual ability and organisational structures. St Jude's Church, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 0PB, a company registered in England and Wales no. Here are 15 of the most high-stress, low-paying jobs. Agreed with the above comment. Everyone knows how impossible it is to keep the amount of cases managed to an acceptabke level… Not a thing done to alleviate the pressure this puts on workers.. All social workers not just older ones. To say I’m desperate is an understatement. First off, can your employees be off sick with stress? 8 posts. They preferred to put her through capability procedure.How was she meant to be supporting and supervising her team members through all this time? I managed 7 years but don’t think I’ll be going back. As a practitioner with over thirty years’ experience and a qualified systemic psychotherapist working agency, I am sad think that the multiple years of experience that Social Workers bring to the Local Authority can be undermined and less qualified practitioners feel threatened rather than embrace the skills that can be afforded to facilitate and empower their own practice. I am a social worker of 28 years and have witnessed a steady decline in staff care. This so easily could have been me…. Pressure from above and those who shout loudest. Initial findings provide some insight into the nebulous nature of resilience, which lacks a clear positive definition in relation to social work practice. I fully accepted I was responsible for part of the charges, but the bulk of the allegations were carefully put together by bullying management to give a completely unbalanced view. It is so sad to hear that a colleague felt so defeated in a career that she felt the passion to continue for so many years. Stay at peace rest in the arms of an angel. And the unions needs to stand alongside us in this. Condolences to Ms Peel’s family. Am I safe to take 10 weeks off sick for stress and anxiety? Social work needs good reform in support of its staff in order to minimise such tragic loss and unnecessary stressors it’s staff are under . Severe anxiety and depression was the outcome for myself, witch hunt till they had me on my knees and let go. All Rights Reserved. Ask anyone who has been through so called ‘sickness procedures’ wherein it is expected that staff who have been ill are reminded of the stress THEY cause their colleagues and the organisation when they take time off.

social worker off sick with stress

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