We can dye any color requested with a heavy-metal-free dyeing (Dystar). Coin Purse & Cosmetic Bags. There is "silk" and there is "silk" and there is "silk" in Cambodia. Silver Dipped Earrings. Phamuong variation are rabak, chorcung, anlounh, kaneiv and bantok. It usually uses floral and geometric motifs. The Phamuong Chorabap is a luxurious fabric using up to 22 needles to create. Silk Scarves and Shawls. Furthermore, it is spin and woven by hand following ancestral techniques. Golden silk is considered to be the most valuable silk in the country and is the national specialty. Silk Handbags. … Cambodian Silk Fabric. As it doesn’t contain any chemical or toxic product, it is the most sustainable fabric production in the world. ... Other Accessories. Cambodia’s silk industry dates back to the 13th century Khmer Empire, when it developed along the Mekong and Bassac rivers south of Phnom Penh. Jewellry Rolls . Many items of traditional clothing are made of silk, with intricate patterns that originated in Cambodia. “The Cambodian silk industry, especially silk thread production, is having trouble right now,” said Madagascar-born clothing designer Eric Raisina, who has shops in … Lotus textile has unique properties. The most valued silk used to create the Phamuong is Cambodian yellow silk, known for its fine quality in the region. It is naturally extremely soft, light, breathable and anti bacterial. We can provide you with many types of rough and fine silk. Silk Gift Bags. Cambodian Silk Cloth Cambodia is world renowned for its exquisite Silks, much of which is still traditionally hand-woven and dyed using natural colors from plants and minerals. Less than 15% of the silk sold in Cambodia is 100% genuine Khmer silk made from the Cambodian silk worm yarn and spun by hand in Cambodia by Cambodian weavers. Although it had seen a decline in recent years, it is on the rise once again thanks to a series of initiatives. The silk is woven by two sisters, third generation master weavers and their young apprentice weavers in a traditional silk weaving village in rural Cambodia. Lotus Silk are blended to provide a unique fabric, organic and woven by hand following traditional Khmer techniques. Just buying any "silk" is easy. If you are interested about our products don't hesitate to contact us or to come to our showroom, we'll be delighted to welcome you ! Silk Accessories. Made from the finest silk in Cambodia. Quality. Buying 100% genuine Khmer Silk is an entirely different thing. All our fabrics are made from Khmer silk, use naturel or non toxic dyes and are 100% handmade. The lotus fabric is the first natural microfiber and probably the most ecological fabric in the world and it has unique properties. Cambodians have been practicing the art of silk weaving since ancient times and it has long been a staple of their culture and economy. Many items of These exquisite cloths pictured below are often worn during weddings, Traditional Celebrations and the more elaborate variety, during Classical Khmer Dance Performances. Silver Dipped Pendants. Wallets. Each product is unique and was created with passion.

silk cloth in cambodia

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