If there was a creek bed, it is now filled with gravel. We have pics on a blog http://tandemriding.blogspot.com/2012/07/cascade-railtrailold-skagit-highway-50m.html. Remember that the megalopolis of Los Angeles and its surrounding cities isn't too far to the west so expect higher levels of traffic near them, especially on weekends. There are two more slides, two washouts and assorted uncleared blow down in this section. The trail appears to have been cut in one area, but it has been repaired. Rainier National Park Spur, Section 1, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Section 2, Crater Lake National Park, Sections 2 and 3, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, Section 4, Giant Sequoia National Monument, Section 4, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Section 5. The trail is quite flat and the scenery is lovely, so for those two key elements it is an excellent trail. (There is a reason ToolBear has fenders on his mountain bike. When in Sedro Woolley you should pop in to the market store on Metcalfe street. There are a few bridges on this section of the trail. Heading east on this historic rail trail (part of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad from 1909 to 1980), travelers pass lush, vast Olallie State Park, with its waterfalls and seasonal colors. The busy roads along the Columbia River will have tourist and recreational traffic. I'd rate this trail as ""5"" on a scale of 10. The trestle over this slough went in the 2003 floods. ToolBear, The Cascade Trail: Concrete to the Baker Lake Rd. (ToolBear loves bridges, tunnels and trestles.) Some campgrounds will charge a cyclist traveling alone less if they have hiker/biker sites, but often they will charge the price of a regular tent or RV site, and that can easily be $10-$40/night (higher in tourist areas). We did see one guy on a road bike, but I would imagine he had a bit of a challenge in places. The trail does become quite empty towards the last 10 miles, so be prepared for self sufficiency. In particular, it excels in long, cross-country singletrack. Recommend it. There were eleven of them between Fruitdale and Lyman. Lake Isabella, the endpoint for section 4, is located northeast of Bakersfield. What it really needs is some competent maintenance, or just maintenance. We would guess that 75% of the trail was in the shade. There are dead vines that got a dose of herbicide and stumps of vines that got a does of mower. They know something. It may well be impassable. We crossed many small bridges and stopped for numerous photo ops (100 pics +). Three landslides, two washouts – one about 95% of the trail bed – assorted blow down, horse apple land mines, blackberry creepers creeping across the trail. At (6.73) {N48.53327;W121.88358}, the bridge over Grandy Creek is gone, so one has to detour [8] for a few hundred yard and cross the creek on the busy highway bridge which does have a pedestrian sidewalk. Some are still sloughs. The trail itself is great...but the horses and dirt bikes were terrible. Doubt there are 500 people in the hamlet.) Lakes, mountains, valleys, and deserts, section 5 has them all! The whole trail needs a brushing with chain flails. We will definitely return soon to ride the entire trail. B = Scenery. The trail is about 23 miles of flat gravel railbed. The blackberry vines are a real maintenance issue. You can start the trail in the outskirts of Sedro–Woolley at the Fruitdale Road intersection. 08/26/2009 This section of the Cascade Trail was different. Jefferson. Pretty nice ride except that the gravel really slowed me down. Due to heavy snow, State Highway 20 through the North Cascades National Park is usually only open between late April and late November. The grade is railroad, so it's extremely flat, which allows me to keep my speed up and workout consistent. Lyman City Park, which is not part of the trail, has parking, flushies, shelters, tables and horseshoe rings. We had a late start so we only rode 13 miles east on the well maintained trail before turning back. 8.16.2009 ToolBear is off again on one of his “AM - Ride: PM - Shop” rail trail excursions. Nice flat well-maintained gravel Trail. (Sedro-Woolley) and S. Dillard Ave. (Concrete). The dry season solution to this section of trail is to dismount at the bridge or puncheon and hike your bike down the trail bed until you encounter firm riding, then mount up and carry on. Looks like the creek flooded. @@@ DO IT AGAIN??? We design, build, and maintain trails … Press on across the flats to the Grandy Creek detour. Certainly. With more than 5 trails covering 95 miles … It seems most people parking here on weekdays are doing it for ride-share and are not trail users. Be warned. He needs one on his water bottle.) This area attracts hundreds of bald eagles in the winter that feast on spawned out salmon carcasses on the river banks. My husband and I thought we had found a great place to walk and get exercise. There is a parking place for 5 vehicles, a picnic table and a trail map at this mile post zero {N48.50914;W122.22413}. You'll find restrooms and water here. The two detours are easily managed. You cannot see these modern markers when you come from the east since they carry the mileage number only on the west side of the pole. Try as we might we were unable to find a trailhead with a portapotty in the vicinity of Challenger Crossing. My wife and I recently rode this trail and found a little too rough for cyclo cross bikes the scenery was indeed spectacular but switched over to SR20 on the way back which was much better. From Lyman City Park to Fruitdale, I counted eleven bridges and one section of puncheon. Click on the links below for more information: Cascade Trail, Sedro-Woolley to Concrete Kulshan Creek Trail, Mount Vernon Tommy Thompson Trail, Anacortes. Previous reviews have noted the rough going on this section of trail, so I was curious to see what was going on. Not bad riding. has shifted its creekbed which was once further west and is now dry. Send to App. I carry all my survey gear in the bag – camera, note book, pens, four power bars and spare GPS batteries. As of May 2012, the SKAT Route 8/Route 117 runs five times on weekdays and twice on Saturdays. Oregon's bike trails await. (“City” is a bit much for Lyman. As far as the old B&W RR mileage signs, I remember seing a 42 at Concrete and a 23 near Fruitdale. to SR 20 and pedal east until you encounter the Lyman-Hamilton Rd. The weather report stated that there would be a 10 mph west wind at 11 am so we rode east on the 3% railroad grade. Beautiful scenery in the fall. Biking the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail: Renslow to the Columbia. The trail is currently full width the entire way except for one .25 mile section through the (hike a bike) swamp where it narrows down to singletrack. This time its way out to Concrete on SR 20 to do the furthest section of the Cascade Trail. We did a quick tour of sleepy Lyman, WA and then jumped back on trail. Similarly, Angeles Forest Hwy./FR N3 and Angeles Crest Hwy./State Route 2 are also typically closed. Since most of this route traverses recreation areas, whether they are national or state parks, national monuments, or U.S. Forest Service lands, you will need to plan ahead for your overnights. @@@ STATS… Minkler Lake Slough to SR 20 Total miles – 8.89, Max speed – 13, Moving average – 7.3, Total ascent – 84’, Max elevation – 121’ @@@ TRAIL SCORE… On the ToolBear Triple Trail Rating Scale: C -/B/B C - = Facilities. As you continue along the trail, note the beautiful backdrops of the region. The trip back to Concrete was done on SR 20 – which is a faster ride - just full of cars and trucks. The Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail, formerly known as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, spans 224 … Here you have short rock gardens to traverse. These winding trails are perfect for walking, jogging or biking. The trail is on the wrong (cutting) side of the river, so expect this portion to vanish sooner rather than later. I thought riding downhill would be easier, but that was a big mistake. This is a trip report on taking the public transportation bus from Sedro-Woolley to Concrete and a one-way bicycle ride from Concrete to Sedro-Woolley (downhill but into a head wind). It is wide open. At (16.12) {N48.52373;W122.08213} is the most scenic bench [17] of the entire trail with a nice view of the river. In a couple of places this section was a little soft, and there was evidence of past flooding. Swamps and grass, swamps and grass. Special Cycling Events in Redmond Bike to Work Day and Month. After a washed out section and the dry creek crossing, for the next 2 miles the trail goes through open farmland and a wetland restoration project and at (22.23) {N48.51581;W122.21028} arrives at the Fruitdale Road trailhead [19] [20] which has lots of parking and a portable toilet. at GPS: N48 31.357 W122 07.864. West of Yakima, Washington, is where the climbing begins to approach Mt. There is an undeveloped section of the old RR grade continuing west into town, but it is not yet rideable. They have a little bit of everything. There are no facilities at Silo Park (north of the silos) which is now a town park (not a county park). The bridges are the main element of interest here. Being on the cutting side is never a good idea. His average is usually 7-8 mph. Not bad riding. @@@ ToolBear’s Triple Scale Trail Rating Scale (F-A)… Trail bed ( where maintained) = B. The Cascade Trail runs 22.5 miles in length and connects Sedro Woolley and Concrete. It tends to be 3/8 minus rock, well compacted and good riding. Truckee, CA to Lake Isabella, CA (559.4 mi. This section intersects the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail in Hood River and the TransAmerica Trail in Sisters, Oregon. I mounted up and tried to ride. No horses. The 9-mile out-and-back pedal along the Cascade Canal Trail hugs the water’s edge, flanked by … The surface was in reasonably good shape and overall, I enjoyed it enough to do it again. The weather was lovely, but sadly the trail was blocked about 1/2 mile east of Challenger Rd. Someone or thing has removed all the pilings and the bridge deck. You can't win. All blackberries along the trail were destroyed by spraying with herbicide in 2011 and only a few thimble berries got spared. Again, we had the trail mostly to ourselves. ToolBear, CASCADE TRAIL, SKAGIT COUNTY, WA The Seven Bridges Road Sector – Minkler Lake…Lyman…Hamilton… SR 20 “On the seven bridges road I go.” 8/22/09 This is probably the most interesting sector of the Cascade Trail. The park there is far more pleasant than the Fruitdale Trailhead and offers water, modern flushies and a picnic shelter. The trail parallels highway 20 for a short distance but soon you are surrounded by farmland with a backdrop of towering foothills. Located atop the Cascade Crest on scenic Highway 2, Stevens Pass caters to outdoor enthusiasts of all ability levels with seasonal activities like skiing, riding, mountain biking and hiking. But the last few miles were above the hiway so the the noise was less, and the riding quite nice. Use the trail bed. I thought I was going to get some great shots of the wreckage. The areas around Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake are also magnets for summer recreationists. Happy trails! A great stop for a food break is birdsview burgers. It has the first porta loo since Concrete and rather ad-hoc parking. Explorers continue through the mountain pass into dark tunnels and over high trestles, until the landscape gives way to the amber-hued farmlands of eastern Washington. Approaching the SR20 crossing, a herd of about 20 beefalos [12] on a pasture to the north was stampeding when they saw me coming and they were racing me along the fence all the way to the west end of the pasture (they won). Some to be expected potholes. Do stay out of that vile bypass, if possible. April 17, 2019. You can pedal out to the fences at either end, then backtrack 170’ or so and look for the gravel path taking you out to the Lyman – Hamilton Rd.

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