PhD Programmes; CPD courses; CertTESOL; Language Teaching Forum; Languages for All; Careers; For schools; News and events ; You said, we did; Contact and find us . We were placed in the top 100 in the world for Linguistics in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020. Before proceedings to thesis research, each student has to complete the PhD Evaluation, which constitute the equivalent of the comprehensive exam in this program. You should have expertise in publishing and conference participation. Disclaimer Stage 1 , which should be completed in two years, consists of 40 hours of graduate coursework, and the Stage 1 qualifying examination ; at the completion of Stage 1, students are eligible to receive a MA in Linguistics. While the majority of your time is spent conducting your own research, you are also part of the life and culture of the Department. But so doing I am pact, group dynamics, training to become good readers and access resources at semco is well qualified to teach graphics and nude studies for the forearm. Language learning and acquisition is an excellent potential thesis topic for students working towards a master's degree in English, Linguistics, Education or English as a Second Language (ESL). 4. | The following are recently completed PhD dissertations and MA/MA Applied Linguistics theses, as well as MILR projects and theses. "Calculating LLR Topic Signatures with Dependency Relations for Automatic Text Summarization." About | Global linguistic studies are based on the differences and similarities between languages and how these differences have come to exist. PhD Dissertations . Home Custom essay paper Writing aid, in to do it on need to be diligent mad because of this. PhD Dissertations. In order to pass the program, candidates are also required to sit for numerous exams. But so doing I am pact, group dynamics, training to become good readers and access resources at semco is well qualified to teach graphics and nude studies for the forearm. Sanja Štajner (2015) New Data-Driven Approaches to Text Simplification. Students with prior training in Linguistics, typically an MA or an MLitt or equivalent in Linguistics, work independently on a research topic of their choice in one of the research areas in Linguistics represented at UCD. Degree 1. Andre Breedt - Ghosts in the system: The shaping of professional identities within the organizational culture(s) of a private training establishment in Auckland, New Zealand, Sean Grant - Exploring the relationships between person- and product-based creativity and written language task performance, Beidi Li - Becoming English language teachers: A multiple case study of transnational native English-speaking teachers’ identities construction, Jiayan Lin - Contextual factors that affect Chinese learners' accuracy in the use of the English indefinite article, Faezeh Mehrang - The effect of task structure, task repetition and reformulation on foreign language written performance, Luzia Sauer - Second language development, language learning motivation and language learning opportunities: A longitudinal case study of German high school exchange students in New Zealand, Shuxia Yang - Mandarin Compounds at the Interface, Danyang Zheng - Cleft Constructions in Chinese: An Information Structure Analysis, Guangsa Jin - Genre knowledge for intercultural communication: A contrastive genre analysis of thesis introductions and literature reviews written in China, New Zealand and America, Aziz Khan - A narrative ethnography of primary school teachers' language perceptions, preferences and practices in rural Pakistan, Scott  Aubrey - Effect of inter-cultural contact on L2 motivation and L2 learning: A process product study, Jenny Mendieta Aguilar -Blended language learning in a Colombian tertiary context: A narrative inquiry of teacher change and curriculum innovation, Laura Frances Thompson - Eliciting and analysing perceptions of prosodic prominence: A Māori case study, Juan Tian - Understanding Chinese EFL teachers' beliefs about English with a Yin-Yang perspective, Xiaoying Wang - Investigating assessment practices in three EFL oral language classrooms in China, Zhenjing Wang - Teachers' feedback on discourse features in EFL writing: Case studies in the Chinese context, Yongbin Zhao - The effects of explicit and implicit recasts on the acquisition of two grammatical structures and the mediating role of working memory, Sara Amani - Metacognitive Strategy Instruction and Pre-task Planning: Impact on L2 Argumentative Writing Ability, Tom Finlayson - The News Interview as Contest - Constraint, Evasion and Persistence: A Diachronic Study, Takaaki Hiratsuka - Understanding the Perceptions and Practices of Team Teachers and Students in Japanese High Schools through Exploratory Practice (EP), Ajmal Khan - A study of the language attitudes and practices in the context of two elite english-medium schools in Pakistan, Jiancheng Qian - Second Language Reading in a CALL Environment: The effect of annotation use and the role of working memory, Kishwer Sultana - Hybrid Language and Constructions of Modernity in Pakistani Advertising Discourse, Airil Adnan - Language use and workplace participation in the identity construction of Bumiputera Malay undergraduates in Malaysia, Colleen Bright - The role of academic writing in the study experience of undergraduate business students, Chen (Arthur) Chen - Conditional Constructions in the Manchu Language: A Study from the Perspectives of Semantics, Morphosyntax, Pragmatics and Typology, Cendrine Jarraud-Leblanc - The evolution of written Bislama, Rachel Lee - Writing as a literacy development for low achievers: The case of a neighbourhood school in Singapore, Lin Yan - The effects of task planning on L2 writing, Darcy Sperlich - The acquisition of Long-Distance Reflexives in Chinese as an Interlanguage: An Experimental Study, Hideyuki Sugiura - Positionally-sensitive grammar: Reversed polarity questions in Japanese, Runhan Zhang - Positionally-sensitive grammar: Reversed polarity questions in Japanese, Dawn Booth - Exploring the washback of the TOEIC in South Korea: A sociocultural perspective on student test activity, Vaclav Brezina - Epistemic markers in university advisory sessions: Towards a local grammar of epistemicity, Le Chang - Investigating the relationships between Chinese university EFL learners' metacognitive listening strategies and their comprehension and incidental vocabulary acquisition from listening tasks, David Frear - The effect of written corrective feedback and revision on intermediate Chinese learners' acquisition of English, Dana Gablasova - Learning and expressing technical vocabulary through the medium of L1 and L2 by Slovak-English bilingual high-school students, Margaret Kitchen - Imagined lives: The Korean community and policy and practices at a New Zealand high school, Nadia Mifka-Profozic - Oral corrective feedback, individual differences, and L2 acquisition of French past tenses, Mohammadtaghi Shahnazari Dorcheh - The role of working memory in second language reading comprehension, Jeannet Stephen - English loan words in the Malay print media and their implications for English vocabulary acquisition, Qunyan Zhong - The beliefs and learner strategy use of low-proficiency chinese learners and their impact on learning English in a New Zealand context, Xiaoping (Sherri) Gao - Variation in the ba construction in the interlanguage of L2 Chinese, Qi Li - The motivation of Chinese Learners of English in a foreign and second language context, Natsuko Shintani - A comparison of the effects of comprehension-based and production-based instruction on the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar by young Japanese learners of English, Baljit Kaur Surjit Singh - Relational work in requests in service encounters in Malaysia, Jianxin Wang - Contrastive connectors in English and Chinese: a corpus-based study, Morad Abdulaziz Al-Sahafi - The dynamics of language maintenance among Arabic-speaking Muslim immigrant families in New Zealand, Jennifer Marguerite Jones - An ethnographic inquiry into the implementation of the Kenyan language-in-education policy: Mother tongue as subject and medium of instruction in the Sabaot language group, Alison Sophie Ann Reissner-Roubicek - Communication strategies in behavioural job interviews: The influence of discourse norms on graduate recruitment, Tun Nur Afizah Binti Zainal Ariff -  English for daees: An ethnographic discourse analysis approach to understanding the spoken language use/discourse of daees, Akakura Motoko - Effect of explicit instruction on implicit and explicit second language knowledge: An empirical study on English article acquisition, Yiqian (Katherine) Cao - Understanding the notion of interdependence, and the dynamics of willingness to communicate, Thomas Delaney - Individual differences, participation, and language acquisition in communicative EFL classes in a Japanese university, Yi-Chieh Ho - Evaluation of an online English learning program, James Murray Feist - The order of premodifiers in English nominal phrases, Penelope Ann Hacker - Understanding the nature of language teacher educator learning: Substance, narrative essence and contextual reality, Andreea Calude - Demonstrative Clefts in Spoken English, Sŏn-hŭi Kim - First language attrition in a second language learning environment : The case of Korean-English late bilinguals, Ute Knoch - Diagnostic writing assessment : the development and validation of a rating scale, Mark Andrew Wolfersberger - Second language writing from sources: An ethnographic study of an argument essay task, Keum-Ja Nam - The effects of corrective feedback on second language learners' responses and acquisition of Korean, A to Z Directory Religion thesis topics and applied linguistics phd thesis. In the 'Research Proposal' section of the main application form, please include only 100 words outlining your topic, and upload a fuller research proposal as a separate document, in the 'supporting documents' section. Applied Linguistics links the study of language (Linguistics) with the teaching and learning of languages. Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 4: Gender in the community of practice 'University Caving Club': Phonological variation. Advisor: Scott Kiesling Pisabarro Sarrio, Silvia (2019) Developing sociolinguistic competence through explicit instruction: the case of future-time expression in L2 Spanish Advisor: Matt Kanwit Effects of Phonological Contrast on Within-Category Phonetic Variation, Ivy Hauser, Linguistics. Search within this Collection: Go This collection contains a selection of recent Masters theses from the department of Linguistics and English Language. While the PhD is not a taught course, students will benefit from the availability of courses and seminars offered both within the MMLL Faculty and by other departments concerned with language science in Cambridge (e.g. PhD Linguistics is a program that is a blend of classes and individual research.

phd thesis topics in linguistics

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