In fact, most reports I’ve heard are that it doesn’t grow well and the plants often die. Thanks for sharing your experience Andy. This product is not currently available for purchase. Interesting comments/answers on here you can learn by. As can the objection that it reverts back to the large Buddleia. You talk about pruning these back in the spring. I was thinking of trying a couple black knight too (you’ve been watching too many batman movies) and planting them with some native joe pye weed. Hi Candy, I’ve brought ours inside before and successfully overwintered. Hi Kris, I would probably wait until spring since this is a tender perennial. Plants are tough if you make sure the soil doesn’t dry out while they get acclimated. I highly recommend this plant in every butterfly garden. We are thinking they are both dead. Lastly, are the “Buzz” varieties the best combination of dark blooms and nectar production? This being the first week of April 2016, would it be a good idea to prune mine now which would be the dead growth from last year or do I wait until it starts with new growth? The large bush is fine and does not seem to be affected. Thanks! The Buddleia Buzz series produces full size, 5-6" wands of honey-scented blooms on bushes half the size of ordinary Buddleia. Expect the dazzling blossoms of this fast-growing deciduous shrub to last throughout summer into fall. Here is some reliable info about the potential problems surrounding Buddleia. I usually plant butterfly bushes without companions, but the closest plants in our garden are verbena. 79. Keep me posted on the news varieties you’re trying out…good luck! Compact growth habit makes this perennial ideal for container gardening or small garden spaces. Includes three actively growing plants in a 5.5" pot. Currently, I’m unable to drive for six months. I have 3 butterfly brushes, 2 lavender and one magenta. A great impact. Loads of fragrant magenta colored flowers adorn the plant from late Spring until first … You might talk to some gardeners in your region to see what varieties they have the most success with. The butterflies love them. I live in zone 4 (SE Minnesota). Thank for all your information. Does well, blooms great, but I do miss the larger varieties for their shear size (at least here in SoCal) and the magnitude of their flowering ability. I used to dig some up for park visitors who wished to try some, and others I transplanted in the park where I could, but alas, the rest I had to yank out or spray out. Perfume from these vibrant flowers lures in the nectar-lovers! In my park, I must have planted close to 2 dozen generic B. davidii along with some B. davidii “Dark Knight”. I covered them during a freeze but they are so big now, should I cover them again this year? Masses of fragrant, violet-blue flower spikes attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They are so enjoyable to watch the butterflies, hummingbirds, etc..visit them. If it died to the ground, I’ll cut back the rest later. (buddleja davidii) - Buzz series Dwarf hybrid butterfly bush reaching only 3' - 4' tall is perfect for large patio containers or the edge of the garden. $15.79 $ 15. It looks great. Buzz Midnight Dwarf Butterfly Bush can be useful in the landscape in mass plantings, in containers or planters, as a border or edger, in shrub borders, around decks, swimming pools, and other outdoor living areas, as a groundcover, in hanging baskets, in landscape beds or islands, in small groupings or as a hedge and also in cottage gardens, butterfly gardens, hummingbird gardens or perennial gardens. 1-16 of 317 results for "dwarf butterfly bush" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Butterfly bush are drought tolerant plants that prefer growing in a location that provides well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine. Actually, they give me fits! There are so many flowers to grow whose seeds are favored by finches without any negative consequences. Hi Merci, since you are in a region where invasiveness isn’t an issue, you could try larger varieties too. I’m totally addicted to Butterfly Bushes. They usually prefer eating fruits and vegetables though…. Hi Katy, I’m going to cut ours back next weekend when the temps are a bit “springier”. We are zone 3. Container goes in a semi-shaded area where it gets full sun from about 8am-11am; then dappled shade til about 4/5pm, then shade as sun goes behind the house. Excellent summer color borne atop a summer sun lover! Buzz Velvet Dwarf Butterfly Bush can be useful in the landscape in mass plantings, in foundation plantings, in containers or planters, in shrub borders, around decks, swimming pools, and other outdoor living areas, as an accent, as a groundcover, in landscape beds or islands, in small groupings or as a hedge and also in rock or xeriscape gardens, cottage gardens, butterfly gardens, hummingbird gardens … Dec 28, 2017 - Explore carol quimby's board "Dwarf butterfly bushes" on Pinterest. I’m amazed at how regionally specific nectar plants can be enticing to butterflies. Buddleja davidii 'Buzz Magenta' (Butterfly Bush) is a compact deciduous shrub with gracefully arching branches, studded with lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and sweetly scented, elongated panicles of magenta flowers. Most of the info that I see shows the Buzz bush is only cold hardy to zone 5. I also trim mine back to two feet, although I was just out there this morning and see new growth on the bottom of the stems. This looks like the most appropriate place for this question. The list of wonderful qualities of this Butterfly Bush is long. Do you have to take extra steps to ensure the bush survives the winter? Perennial: USDA hardiness zones 4-9 (lows -34.4 °C or -30 °F), Take herbaceous stem cuttings- will root in water, Favorite flower for butterflies and pollinators, Rich, vibrant colors and a sweet, subtle scent, Butterfly bush cultivars do not seed invasively- in Minnesota we have not had, Japanese beetles eat some of the blooms. Design IdeasDwarf butterfly bush is perfect for bringing butterflies into the garden and up close to the house. [CDATA[ I’m in Zone 6, Mid-MO, so your findings might be close to what I’m going to see. Of course, I’ll pay a fee for delivery. Is there a variety that will give me that true blue color that will survive Michigan winters? Three sweet-smelling varieties in one compact combo bring the butterflies to your back door. Good luck! Attracts butterflies and other pollinators to the garden. I can trick a few with sugar water while I’m working on them with the cam and ‘pod, but it would be really nice if they attracted good numbers of butterflies all on their own. I disagree with the comment that if you don’t deadhead Buddleias then this species is not for you. A little afternoon shade won't hurt. A little afternoon shade won't hurt. This new Buddleia davidii is taking the garden world by storm. Hi Randy, butterfly bushes look completely dead…until they don’t. My white butterfly bushes are the rock stars of the butterfly gardens, but none of them are in a spot that’s great for morning photographic work, and the white blooms always give me exposure problems. Don't let the 'j' fool you, Buddleja is pronounced the exact same way as Buddleia (BUD-lee-uh or Buddle-EEE-ya). We live in zone 5b, IN. Clethra Alnifolia – summer sweet/sweet pepperbush is ideal and it’s native. Really a shrub, plants are best treated like perennials and pruned back hard each spring, to maintain a compact, bushy habit. buddleja roots pretty easily…you might try rooting some while there is still some warm weather left. These were objections by the local Parks people initially. Buddleja davidii 'Buzz Midnight' (Butterfly Bush) is a compact deciduous shrub with gracefully arching branches, studded with lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and sweetly scented, elongated panicles of deep purplish-blue flowers. However, I would check with a local resource to see what they say about growing it in N. Florida. In Minnesota, our goal is to keep it as a pollinator plant throughout the season. As an experiment, I am only going to cut it back to two feet and see if growth comes back on some of the branches. Particularly attractive along picket fences and lattice where airy, open character is a … If pruned in early spring they can create beautiful and fragrant seasonal screens that are dense and add privacy to larger terraced yards. Plant research and production began when Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii) was taken off of the market in 2008.The mission was to find Buddleia that are seedless, since the Butterfly Bush that we had all fallen in love with reproduces at an incredible rate & bullies its way into waterways, street-sides & pastures. They are not a sure thing, but if you can get them to come back perennially, they’re an amazing butterfly plant. Meet Pugster ® Amethyst butterfly bush - the newest member of this unique series that offers full sized flowers on a dwarf plant. What we have found is that the finches and other seed eating birds love to come and feed on the seeds of the butterfly bushes. Please comment below if you know of other pollinator that frequently visit this particular butterfly bush variety, 1.// Click Here to Buy Buddleja Buzz'); I have planted lots of butterfly bush over a series of years here in Southern California, both at home and in one of the parks I used to take care of before retiring as a Parks Gardener for the city of Laguna Beach. White, Purple, Raspberry Pink and a Velvet red flowering varieties are all available in this compact growing series. Its flowers also make excellent cut flowers for indoor bouquets.Spectacular color and fragrant blooms make this petite shrub patio-perfect! They won’t come back as early as your hardy perennials. Buzz™ Buddleia Magenta Improved. Our vegetable garden is coming to life, garlic, peas, potatoes, radishes are all up. Not a prime time to plant, but if you have the opportunity go ahead but keep an eye on them…. Dwarf Butterfly Bush Buzz ‘Sky Blue’ | Plants for Sale. What are good companion plants? There’s a difference between sharing reliable information, and spreading irrational fear…. I picked up two potted specimens yesterday, a Tutti-Frutti-Pink-Flutterfly and a Dark Knight to try and get some better photo op’s. Be the first in your neighborhood to have this beauty. is a woody plant (shrub). The genus Buddleia has an alternate spelling, Buddleja, that is commonly used in the United Kingdom. I grow it in Fort Lauderdale–you need to get a few, and go trial and error on various locations in the yard. Depending on what other nectar options you have available and conditions of the plants, butterfly tastes can even vary in the same region. Sadly, even in Minnesota, gardeners are advised not to plant butterfly bushes because they have the, Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover, Start or Improve your Monarch Butterfly Garden, Butterfly Garden Book for Monarchs- Instant Download, Start Raising Monarch Butterflies Here…, Top Tools, Supplies, and Resources for Raising Monarch Butterflies, Butterfly Plants List- Butterfly Flowers and Host Plant Ideas. Was thinking the same thing…it’s May 23 and everything else is flourishing here in Madison, Wi…except the “twigs” that were a butterfly bush last year…but I’ll leave it be. This makes it perfect for smaller garden spaces and containers. This butterfly bush requires little watering and no pruning apart from an optional trim in early spring. A dwarf butterfly bush grows up to 6 feet tall. Butterfly Bush In Stock Latest addition to the Buzz™ Series, forms large tapering spikes of bright hot raspberry pink flowers, plants bloom continuously late spring thru early fall, fragrant flowers are an added bonus, great for patio containers. Since you do say in all your info above that it is cold hardy in Zone 4, I just want to double check with you before I place an order. I’m looking for a butterfly bush with true light blue flowers similar to forget-me-not blue, not purple. here are some ideas for milkweed companion plants. We do have a bi-color that came back nicely this season…next year should be the year it ‘takes off’ if it comes back again. Due to space restrictions at home, I planted “Nanho Blue” in a large container. A line of butterfly bushes that are compact, sized for smaller gardens and great for patio containers, so you can savor the magic of hummingbirds … I brought 4 quart sized pots from Walmart many moons ago. Speaking of seedlings, these park buddleias produce a myriad of new plants each year. Buzz Ivory Butterfly Bush, Buddleja hybrida 'Buzz Ivory', is an ornamental shrub with particular appeal to pollinators and a dwarf size. I get all kinds of butterflies from Monarch, Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Swallowtails, Black Swallowtails, Tiger Swallowtails and more. In places where they have thrived their height reached six feet in 24 months which is a lot more than the one meter that the growers were telling us. Loads of fragrant flowers adorn the plant from late Spring until first frost. This product cannot ship to OR. The Buzz™ series is the first-ever patio Buddleia. Hi Steve, most buddleia varieties put out more blooms more with deadheading. Breeders have developed a line of butterfly bushes that are sized for smaller gardens and large containers, so you can savor the magic of hummingbirds and butterflies without surrendering much space! Your email address will not be published. USDA hardiness zones 4-5 should leaf mulch in fall for plant insurance, Prune to 6″-12″ when new growth starts to emerge in spring, Grow in Large pots to bring the butterflies in for patio or window viewing, Attract more pollinators by growing in full sun. Gardeners in both the northern and southern range of where butterfly bush grows tend to have more issues with plants dying. So this objection can be put to one side. I recently had grand Mal @ petite Mal Seizures. After a recent heavy rain where I discovered water was standing along the back of the garden, the buzz is completely dead. Hi Derek, verbena bonariensis is a tall see-through plant we place throughout the garden and a good companion plant option for many nectar and milkweed plants. Any personal experiences with “Black Knight” ? Hi Tony ~ I am so happy I found your site. // ]]>Click Here to Buy Buddleja Buzz, Find More non-invasive Butterfly Bushes on our Butterfly Flowers Page, Hi Tony 'Buzz Velvet' produces full size, 5-6" rich magenta wands of honey-scented blooms on bushes half the size of ordinary buddleia. Thank you Ryle, we typically cut ours back to the ground in spring in a cold climate so ours usually doesn’t eclipse 4 feet. Butterfly bushes perform best in well-drained soil and grow vigorously in full sun. Hi Kris, I have never heard of butterfly bush being invasive in Florida. Quart. The newest dwarf butterfly bush cultivars are small enough to use in containers or as groundcover plants. Fall is upon us and it’s time to harvest your milkweed seeds. I’ve read of a bi-color variety but not sure on its growth habits. Hi Tony, I live in Winnipeg. We prune ours in the spring. May I please order this butterfly bush online? To encourage continuous blooming throughout the season, remove spent flower stalks as flowers fade. Butterfly bush (Buddleja/Buddleia) is a genus of hardy flowering plants that produce appealing fragrant flower heads known for attracting butterflies and other insects. It’s always interesting to see what inspires them most each season…, Your email address will not be published. I’m in the small pocket of zone 5a just south of Minneapolis. Good luck with your other butterfly bush! (='Tobudpipur') The fragrant, arching clusters of Butterfly Bush are irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies. Butterfly bushes' (Buddleia spp.) Have you found this to be un-true? Most butterfly bush species will attract lots of butterflies, but I’ve heard the honeycomb variety attracts more bees: Buddleja Buzz This smaller growing Butterfly Bush, ‘Buddleja Buzz’, comes in a range of colours to suit any garden. Thank you so much for a great website. Do I trim it back? It’s still blooming here in late October. Buzz™ Buddleia "Velvet" (buddleja davidii) - Buzz series Dwarf hybrid butterfly bush reaching only 3' - 4' tall is perfect for large patio containers or the edge of the garden. Plants that are sold for full sun in zones 1-6ish are NOT full sun here LoL!! Love them a lot. Butterfly bushes (Buddleia davidii) are grown for their long panicles of colorful flowers and their ability to attract butterflies and beneficial insects.They bloom in spring and summer, but the naturally attractive shape of the shrub and evergreen foliage keep the bush interesting, even when it is … Buzz 'Hot Raspberry' produces some of the most vibrant and fragrant blooms we've seen on a Butterfly Bush. How To Harvest Milkweed Seeds: All of the Facts, None of the Fluff! I’m in zone 4 MN. I do plan on getting more of these bushes in different colors. Thanks again for sharing your experience…. The Buzz™ series is the first-ever patio Buddleia. Andy appears not to have had good luck with the Dark Knights in Cal.. and I was wondering if you tried any up at your place and what you’ve found out about them? I would give them through May and see what happens. Help out the all-too-important pollinators and bring the butterflies and hummingbirds to you by surrounding your patio or garden with this honey-sweet and richly colorful combo. I live in Zone 4 of Colorado and would love to be able to have a butterfly bush. Buzz Violet is a dwarf crape myrtle that grows half the size of standard butterfly bush. I have checked online sources for the bushes and all of them say zone 5 is the coldest possible which makes me hesitant — we are 4b here. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be the case for my SoCal coastal park. I’ve noticed that midnight has been more desired by our clients than the other colors though the magenta can be jaw dropping when you see an eighty foot hedge row in bloom.

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