The best circle hooks you should settle for range in size from #2-2/0 work. This article describes the best tides and techniques for each location and then describes the best baits, lures, tackle and rigs to target summer and winter whiting. You will find a list of baits that you can use along with how to rig them and get them ready for your fishing experience. So, if you use soft baits like pieces of prawn, they will be stripped off your hook in no time and you will find yourself rebaiting hooks instead of catching fish. It allows live baits to move more naturally for longer and encourages a more aggressive bite. 3. Bait. 5. Whenever they hit bait, the hit usually ranges from extremely aggressive to almost being undetectable thus making circle hooks one of the best choices when it comes to whiting fish.. Whiting are great to catch because they can be caught using a wide range of baits. It does work very well, but it’s always best to have a variety of options with you, just in case. The single best bait for Whiting is the Sand Flea. Indeed, most whiting caught in UK waters are probably hooked by anglers aiming for cod rather than those specifically fishing for whiting. A few hours either side of high tide. One of the most commonly used and well-test bait types proven to be highly effective at catching King George Whiting is squid. With the south coast “whiting on surface” season fast approaching – I thought I would share 3 tips to get you amongst the action! This is another characteristic of this rig that helps you maximize your chances of landing the fish. Longer leaders work best with Whiting. In my mind, beach fishing is one of the most underrated yet productive ways to catch a feed of legal size fish. Check … When fishing from a boat, anchor up and, depending on the rubbish fish situation, use a bit of berley to bring them in. No need to clip down in most situations but can be useful sometimes. Whiting normally have tiny mouths located right at their mouth’s bottom. Best Fishing Hooks For Whiting. KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 6ft 6in -Medium - Fast-2pcs. THIS IS MY BEST WHITING RIG. Check Price at Amazon . Checkout Our Top Pick Of Best Fishing Hooks For Whiting. It’s basically common sense, beachworms live on the beach and whiting feed on the beach. codpieceface, Sep 13, 2007 #1. Tip 1- tackle: Select a rod with a fast tapper, and a line rating somewhere between 1-2kg, and 2-4kg. Best bait’s to use for catching King George Whiting . Whiting fishing complete guide, SHALLOW WATER! Check Price. Check Price on There are a number of great baits for catching Whiting off the beach. While they have been known to eat baitfish, it is not their primary source of nourishment. Live bait is even better, be it worms, yabbies or prawns, with blood and wriggler worms being a perfect bait for big whiting. This is because the sinker will slide freely along your main line. Contents. I have a load in the freezer, and need to make some space! Best Bait. Times & Tides: Morning or late afternoon. Check Price At Amazon. If you don’t have access to live baits the next best thing would be fresh peeled prawns. Bait. If you don’t have access to live baits the next best thing would be fresh peeled prawns. Check Price. It's no secret that whiting eat worms, prawns, yabbies or squid and all of these baits will work on different days, however fresh bait is the best bait. 7. With all this bloody wind recently on weekends I might have to admit defeat with going out wide and try fishing in close a bit more often. Bait and Burley Whiting feed on a variety of baits, including mussels, pipis and squid, with all these being very popular. Your best bet with most any kind of fishing is to use baits that resemble the forage in the area. Best bait & rig for whiting recently - sand and KG. Many anglers swear by clam as the best bait for whitefish. It is well worth the effort to go chase fresh live bait, rather than settling for frozen stuff. Without a doubt the best baits for Whiting are live blood and sand worms, yabbies otherwise known as saltwater nippers and pipis.

best bait for whiting

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